Phoebe Halliwell

Phoebe Halliwell is a fictional character from the American television program Charmed, and one of the four leading characters featured during the series' run. The character is primarily portrayed by actress Alyssa Milano, as well as a few other notable actresses during different stages of the character's life. Initially Phoebe begins the series as the youngest child of three sisters. However, at the start of Season Four she becomes the middle of three sisters after the death of her older sister, Prue Halliwell, and the discovery of a previously unknown fourth sister, Paige Matthews. Phoebe has been married three times; to Cole Turner (2002–2003), Dex Lawson (2005) and Coop (2006–Present). In 2007, AOL named her the 7th greatest witch in television history. Alyssa Milano portrayed the character in all but one episode during the series' run, placing her second behind Holly Marie Combs, who appeared in all 179 episodes. The exception was the unaired pilot, in which Phoebe was played by Lori Rom. Info from Wikipedia