2.27 Losing My Religion

The interns are pulled into Dr. Webber's office for interrogation regarding the LVAD wire situation. None of them reveal the truth, protecting Izzie. Dr. Webber tells them all that they're off surgery, and they are to give his niece a prom. Burke finds a tremor in his right hand. Meredith and Derek make the decision to put Doc to sleep. Izzie accepts Denny's marriage proposal. During the prom, Derek and Meredith reunite in an exam room. The interns find Izzie lying in bed clinging to Denny, whose heart has stopped. Izzie leaves Seattle Grace, and on her way out confesses to Dr. Webber that she cut the LVAD wire and that she quits the program. Meredith remains torn on who she should follow: Derek or Finn.