More potential Slayers arrive at the house and one of them, Eve, creates tension as she openly voices their fear that Buffy alone cannot save them. Buffy and Xander discover the body of the real Eve and rush home to confront The First. All The First does is mock them, warning them that the Turok-Han will be coming for them, then disappears. Willow creates a barrier to try and keep it out, but the barrier isn't strong enough.

Buffy ends up running one way as bait, while the rest of the gang escorts the potential slayers to Xander's construction site to hide. The Turok-Han arrives at the site, but Buffy gets there just in time. She defeats the Turok-Han and boosts the potentials' confidence in her. It turns out that the potentials seeing the fight was a set-up by Willow, Xander and Buffy so that this very thing would happen.

We then see Spike. After enduring painful torture and being tricked by manifestations The First created, Spike is greeted by the real Buffy at last. They escape and return to her house.

Giles and Anya visit an Oracle and discover that when Buffy was resurrected, she created a vulnerability in the Slayer chain that The First is now exploiting. Since Buffy was brought back once before (Xander performing CPR), her successor had already been called (and killed, bringing about Faith). Therefore, there will be no new successor if Buffy dies. (Faith would have to die)

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