Ritual Sacrifice: Pangs
 buttonFire Bad. Tree Pretty: BtVS Season 3
 buttonThe Future Is Ours: Grad Day  Pt 1 and 2
 buttonSome Assembly Required
 buttonThe Ring
 buttonDear Boy
 buttonDawn Summers
 buttonSeth Green
 buttonWillow vs Veruca (rivalry)
 buttonDaniel 'Oz' Osbourne
 buttonAngel 1.18 - 5x5
 buttonAngel 1.19 Sanctuary
 buttonBuffy 1.12 Prophecy Girl
 buttonBuffy 3.20 The Prom
 buttonBuffy 5.22 The Gift
 buttonFaith Lehane
 buttonBuffy 6.03 Afterlife
 buttonBuffy 4.05 Beer Bad
 buttonBuffy 3.02 Dead Man's Party
 buttonBuffy 5.06 Family
 buttonBuffy 5.09 Listening To Fear
 buttonBuffy 2.18 Killed By Death
 buttonBuffy 7.12 Potential
 buttonBuffy 7.03 Same Time Same Place
 buttonBuffy 5.02 Real Me
 buttonBuffy 4.06 Wild At Heart
 buttonBuffy 1.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth
 buttonBuffy 2.16 Bewitched| Bothered & Bewildered
 buttonBuffy 6.16 Hells Bells
 buttonAngel 5.20 The Girl In Question
 buttonAngel 2.06 Guise Will Be Guise
 buttonAngel After The Fall
 buttonWinifred 'Fred' Burkle
 buttonFred & Wesley
 buttonAngel Season 3
 buttonBuffy 3.11 Gingerbread
 buttonBuffy 6.08 Tabula Rasa
 buttonBuffy Females
 buttonOnce More With Feeling: Standing
 buttonEmma Caulfield
 buttonJulie Benz
 buttonBuffy Males
 buttonBuffy: Chaos Bleeds
 buttonOnce More With Feeling: Walk Through The Fire
 buttonTara Maclay
 buttonBuffy 4.04 Fear| Itself
 buttonBuffy Males
 buttonBuffy and Faith
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