not of this EARTH _// the Roswell Season 1 fanlisting

"Liz: Max, the day that you saved my life, your life just ended.
Max: Max: No, that was the day my life began."
- Destiny

Episode guide

1.01 Pilot
First aired: 10/6/1999
Liz Parker learns Max Evans' out-of-this-world secret when he saves her life and must rely on her to safeguard his secret as an orphaned extraterrestrial.

1.02 The Morning After
First aired: 10/13/1999
Liz tries to maintain her relationship with Kyle despite her deep bond with Max; Michael is obsessed with the idea that there was another alien in Roswell in 1959 and tries to decipher the meaning of the flashes only he sees. Liz suspects the new guidance counsellor Ms. Topolsky is hiding something especially when she sees her with Michael's file.

1.03 Monsters
First aired: 10/20/1999
Isabel is concerned about Maria's nervous reactions to Sheriff Valenti, so she invades one of Maria's dreams to determine whether she can keep the aliens' secret.

"Fear Within" the fanlisting for 1.03 Monsters

1.04 Leaving Normal
First aired: 10/27/1999
Liz's grandmother is rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke prompting Liz to reach out to Max for comfort.

1.05 Missing
First aired: 11/3/1999
Liz discovers her personal journal, which contains all she knows about the aliens, is missing and she fears it has fallen into the hands of someone who could expose the aliens.

1.06 285 South
First aired: 11/10/1999
Micahel's monomaniacal urge to find the geodesic dome that's been stalking his dreams leads him to hijack Maria's car to Texas.

"Going South!" the fanlisting for 1.06 285 South

1.07 River Dog
First aired: 11/17/1999
Liz and Max journey to an American Indian reservation where they glean information from an elderly tribesman about the alien who vanished in 1959.

"Secrets Revealed!" the fanlisting for 1.07 River Dog

1.08 Blood Brother
First aired: 11/24/1999
Max is injured in a car accident and Liz pressures Alex to help protect him from medical procedures that could expose his identity by providing blood samples to replace Max's.

1.09 Heat Wave
First aired: 12/1/1999
A freak December heat wave hits the town and sparks romance as Michael's relationship with Maria heats up and Liz's infatuation with Max intensifies; meanwhile Isabel enters into one of Alex's dreams only to discover her likeness already there and dancing with Alex.

"Like Being on Fire" the fanlisting for 1.09 Heat Wave

1.10 The Balance
First aired: 12/15/1999
While at the reservation Micael ends up in an alarming hallucinatory state and the others must band together to save his life.

1.11 Toy House
First aired: 1/19/2000
When Max rescues his mother from a kitchen fire she faces her suspicions about his extraordinary abilities; Liz reaches out to Kyle in friendship.

"Indebted" the fanlisting for 1.11 Toy House

1.12 Into the Woods
First aired: 1/26/2000
A new UFO sighting sends suspicion and fear through the town and leads Max and Isabel to investigate the incident during a school camping trip.

1.13 The Convention
First aired: 2/2/2000
Max plays host to actor Jonathan Frakes at the annual UFO Convention while trying to avoid the meddlesome couple who witnessed Max's life-saving abilities on Liz at the Crashdown Cafe.

"Alien Takedowns and Mud" the fanlisting for 1.13 The Convention

1.14 Blind Date
First aired: 2/9/2000
Maria enters Liz in a blind date contest; Max and Kyle commiserate about their shared feelings for Liz; Michael and Isabel send a signal to the fourth alien.

"In the Air Tonight" the fanlisting for 1.14 Blind Date

1.15 Independence Day
First aired: 2/16/2000
After Michael has a violent showdown with his father, Max and Isabel's father helps Michael set up his emancipation; the fourth alien emerges as a shapeshifter who watches over Max, Michael and Isabel.

1.16 Sexual Healing
First aired: 3/1/2000
Liz is unnerved by her strong desire for Max and the visions that come when they kiss - visions that lead to a glowing orb in the desert.

1.17 Crazy
First aired: 4/10/2000
FBI agent Topolsky returns to warn Liz that a covert alien hunter inside the Bureau is pursuing Max and his friends -- and that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Meanwhile, Isabel befriends Tess, a new female student who immediately arouses Max and Michael's suspicions.

"Trust" the fanlisting for 1.17 Crazy

1.18 Tess, Lies and Videotape
First aired: 4/17/2000
Max develops an uncontrollable attraction to Tess that includes intense sexual daydreams, and Sheriff Valenti learns that Topolsky was killed in a suspicious fire. Meanwhile, someone has secretly placed a video camera inside Michael's apartment.

1.19 Four Square
First aired: 4/24/2000
Harding finds the video camera hidden in his house and gives it to Valenti. The lawman then tells Max that his safety depends upon his willingness to share information. Meanwhile, Tess reveals a personal secret to Isabel.

1.20 Max to the Max
First aired: 5/1/2000
Tess's book suggests that she and Max are predetermined mates, as are Michael and Isabel, who thinks she might be pregnant -- with Michael's baby. Meanwhile, Nasedo disguises himself as Max and kidnaps Liz as part of a plan to trap FBI agent Pierce.

1.21 The White Room (1/2)
First aired: 5/8/2000 Max finds himself in a white room with no windows or doors, facing questions by Agent Pierce. Isabel telepathically contacts Max, who leaves her clues to his location. Michael, Isabel and Tess then set out on a rescue mission.

"In-Human" the fanlisting for 1.21 The White Room

1.22 Destiny (2/2)
First aired: 5/15/2000
After escaping from Pierce, the aliens save Nasedo. Michael accidentally kills Pierce. Nasedo, as the aliens' guardian takes Pierce's place to help the aliens. The aliens figure out how to use the devices and release a message from Max and Isabel's real mother. She says Max is their leader and Tess, his fiance and that Michael is Second in command and he is Isabel's fiance. After hearing all this Liz runs out.

not of this EARTH _// the Roswell Season 1 fanlisting