About the show

Raising Hope centres on 23-year-old Jimmy Chance. Jimmy sleeps with a girl, Lucy who he "saved" from someone chasing her, only to find out the next morning that she is a serial killer who has killed many of her boyfriends. His mum, Virginia whacks Lucy on the head with their TV set, and calls the cops. Lucy is given the death sentence, and Jimmy finds out 8 months later that Lucy was pregnant with their baby. 6 months later when Lucy is sentenced to death by electric chair, Jimmy is left with the baby. Originally named Princess Beyoncé by Lucy, Jimmy changes his little girl's name to Hope.

Jimmy lives with his parents, who had Jimmy when they were just teenagers, his mom, Virginia works as a house cleaner, and his dad Burt owns his own gardening business which he runs with Jimmy. They live in Maw Maw's (Virginia's grandmother) house, Maw Maw show signs of Alzheimer's Disease, but tends to show short-lived moments of lucidity where is can be very helpful to the family.

Jimmy has a crush on Sabrina, who works at the local supermarket, but can't do anything about it due to Sabrina having a boyfriend.

Main Cast