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A few more listings

Posted Jul 16, 2011 •

I’ve opened up a couple more fanlistings. The wonderful Jessica made me an awesome layout for Glee’s Holly Holliday portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow. The the lovely Cheryl made me a layout for the Supernatural episode 6.21 Let It Bleed. I also adopted several from Katelyn so far I’ve gotten the Angel episode 3.04 Carpe Noctem up and ready for new members. The others I’m still waiting on the members list from Katelyn. If you’re a fan of any of these please join!

Alona Tal fanlisting

Posted Jul 14, 2011 •

The fanlisting for Israeli actress Alona Tal is now up and running and waiting for members! So if you’re a fan head over and join! Alona Tal.

New fanlistings

Posted Jul 13, 2011 •

I’ve opened a few of the fanlistings I’ve been approved for or adopted. Courtney and I opened the fanlisting for the Buffy episode ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ if you’re a fan consider joining!
Buffy 3.04 Beauty and the Beasts. I adopted Joss Whedon’s company Mutant Enemy from Courtney if you a fan of that head on over and join! Mutant Enemy. I also adopted Bones Season 2 from Courtney it’s here Bones Season 2. And finally I opened up the fanlisting for the prom episode of Glee it’s here Glee 2.20 Prom Queen. And I’ve got more adoptions and approvals coming soon! I’ve closed 2 fanlistings that no one but me were joining. I closed the fanlisting for the Star Wars (extended universe) character Tahiri Veila and for the Dark Blue character of Jaimie Allen aka Jamie Anderson.

Excuse the mess

Posted Jul 8, 2011 •

Excuse the mess in my joined FL’s as I change my codes from 50×50’s to 75×50’s. I’ve joined a LOT of fanlistings over the last 10 yrs so it’s gonna take some time. You may have noticed I have several upcoming fanlistings in the works. I was approved for 5 episodes and Court is allowing me to adopt 3 of her fanlistings. So check back soon.

2 new adoptions

Posted Jul 7, 2011 •

I got a wonderful email from Antoinette the other day. I had been on her KIM list for a few fanlistings and she was ready to hand 2 over to me if I was still interested. They were 2 songs from one of my favorite musicals Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. So I got to work right away capping my DVD for good images of Donny performing Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door. If you’re a fan of these songs please consider joining.
Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door.

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