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I know long time NO post!

Posted Oct 28, 2012 •

I’m terrible my last post was the announcement of the birth of my niece Norah Leanne who will be turning 1 on November 26th and the twins Addie & Ellie will be turning 3 on November 17th (though Addie insists she’s 16 b/c she learned that’s how old you have to be to learn to drive! lol)

My big news at the moment is due to the fact I’ve been getting approved for a lot of wishlisters lately I’ve finally gone through my many fanlistings. I’ve close 29 and put 81 up for adoptions over on TFL MB you can see them all here. I’ve already found owners for 14 of them and they have been updated as such on the post. If you were on my KIM list let me know as it got messed up and I’m going to have to start from scratch once these are all adopted out or closed.

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