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Baby Berget is here!

Posted Nov 27, 2011 •

Last night my step brother Todd and his wife Leanne gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She was born at 10:34 pm and weighed 6lbs 3oz. Her name is Norah Leanne Berget. Mom and baby are doing well and the proud dad says she’s a real cutie. My mom and step dad are still working their way up there to see them. They left early yesterday morning for Maryland as she was not expected to be here until tomorrow when they were going to do a c-section since she was breech but Leanne went into labor yesterday and they decided to do the c-section last night. I’ll post pictures when I get them!

Long time no post!

Posted Nov 26, 2011 •

Things just got really busy the last few months. I went back to work FT on August 1st for the first time in 3 yrs so that’s been an adjustment. I’ve opened too many new/adopted fanlistings to post here but if you haven’t visited in a while go check out what I have if you’d like. Courtney made me an awesome Halloween layout back in October based on the Buffy Halloween episodes from S2 and S4 (if you missed it and would still like to see it, it’s on the skin page under ‘Site’) and now I have a beautiful Christmas one thanks to her based on the S3 Buffy Christmas themed episode ‘Amends’ which is a favorite of mine. I’ll post more in a few days as my new niece or nephew will be arriving on Monday. My sister-in-law is having a c-section at 1 pm as the baby is breech. I’ll post when I know he or she is here and how everyone is doing. Happy Holidays!

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