Welcome to Original, the approved fanlisting for Ice Cream Sandwiches, the most delicious of the ice cream treat world. It is a creation that is simply ice cream of any flavor (though usually vanilla) pressed between some form of graham cracker, cookie or other sweet treat.

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 Cake: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake   Cake: Ice Cream   Cake: Upside Down Pinapple   Candy: Hershey Bars   Company: Blizzards   Company: McDonald's Sundaes   Cookies: Chocolate   Cookies: Peanut Butter   Food   Food: Chinese   Food: Chinese   Food: Junk   Fruit: Grapes   Ice Cream   Ice Cream: Chocolate   Ice Cream: Milkshakes   Ice Cream: Pistachio   Ice Cream: Stracciatella   Ice Cream: Strawberry   Ice Cream: Sundaes   Ice Cream: Vanilla   Ice Cream: Watermelon   Meat: Chicken Fingers   Milk   Nuts   Pie: Pumpkin   Pizza: Cheese   Pudding: Rice   Treat: Brownies   Treat: Creme Brule   Treat: Donuts   Treat: Doritos   Treat: Zingers   Vegetable: Broccoli  
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