Angel is walking down the corridor when he hears noises coming from one of the rooms. He stealthily nears the door, Cordelia's bedroom, and walks in unnoticed. Inside, he perceives a person's back, as he's riffling through some stuff. In a flash, he grabs him and pins him to the wall, holding his arm on his throat. It's Connor.

Both father and son are surprised, even to say slightly shocked wouldn't be an overstatement, as Angel lets go and awkwardly pules off, apologetically watching his son as he straightens up his ruffled shirt. Angel says he's sorry, but Connor just huffs he's used to that and resumes his whereabouts. Angel tells him he doesn't have to sneak in, the front door is always open, which is an invitation to come back as blunt as it only gets. But Connor typically brushes it off, saying he's only there because Cordelia wanted some of her stuff. Angel asks him if she remembered anything and Connor says that nothing about him. Indifferent to the lash of disillusionment in his father's eyes at these words, and it couldn't be more obvious he said that on purpose, Connor continues to search for various items through Cordelia's things. Angel tries to resume the conversation about Cordelia, but Connor curtly cuts him off saying he can take care of her. He makes it clear he doesn't need or want Angel interfering in his life, he doesn't want anything to do with his father unless he's forced to (such as coming to pick up Cordelia's stuff). When he attempts to leave and asks Angel if he can go now, he looks *exactly* like a teenager who's trying to storm out on an argument with his parent. With the only difference that this parent… just silently, reluctantly, gets out of his son's way. He wouldn't keep Connor in unless he *wants* to stay, no matter how much it may hurt. He suggested Connor should take Cordelia's slippers because her feet get cold. Connor says he knows, she's always stealing the covers (another kick in the right intervention, Connor, well done:)). Angel realizes the meaning behind the words and swallows hard, as his son walks out the door.

In Connor's home, Cordelia is pinning pictures to the wall, various photos of her with Wesley, Lorne, Fred, Gunn, her parents, but none of Angel. When she asks Connor why there aren't any of Angel, he simply says there weren't any, he couldn't find them. That's a great way to avoid the question, except for this one tiny little detail where only the episode before we saw Cordy browsing through all her photos and walla! There were ones of Angel, too. He must have not looked hard enough. It was another implication from Connor's side that he, unlike Angel (who couldn't be more sure he wants his son back) is torn between his longing to family and his will to keep away from his father. The only difference now is that something new has entered the battle and disturbed the relative balance of it - Cordelia. He is less and less inclined to return because *now* he, in some sense, has family, too.

Cordelia says she likes the way his place looks with her stuff, that it's more like home, but something is missing. Connor suggests she might miss the thrill of the kill, because she used to hunt demons. She doesn't believe him. He offers her an axe and asks if she wants him to train her. Angel-like much?:)

Cordelia falls atop Connor and we soon learn it's in the middle of a fight with vampires, seems he trained her after all, because they soon get back to their feet and quickly and skillfully finish the vampires off. Cordelia is excited with her victory, maybe *too* excited as she launches herself at Connor and they start kissing. Connor doesn't seem to have any complaints with the situation, however, she soon pulls off before it gets out of hand, smiling sheepishly as she puts a hand to her mouth.

A while later, Cordelia is in Connor's place, folding away her belongings. Connor comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist, suggesting more training (bet he enjoyed their last round). She pules away and tells him they need to talk. Taking him by the hand, she leads him to the bed and asks him to sit down, all the while, he obeys. Maybe she doesn't mean to, but all this put together, Cordelia does treat him, in an aspect, like a child. We can see where that's going straight away.

She tells him she shouldn't have kissed him before when she did, he says he doesn't understand. Unintentionally, he lets his guard slip out and we get a glimpse at his thought-to-be long buried innocent side, it was cute:). She tells him she doesn't now who she is, or with whom she belongs and she needs to figure that out. As she continues (especially when she refers to a picture of him as a baby when it becomes *clear* to him she sees him as a child), that innocence of his becomes more and more perceptible to the eye and almost completely takes over his normally impassive exterior, regardless to how much he strives to hide it. Connor guesses immediately her next move - she's going back to Angel. As his face return to its trademark lack of emotion, it's obvious that subconsciously, he maybe already hates Angel for taking Cordelia, the only family he thought he had, away from him (even though it's not Angel's fault and he probably knows that. As Cordelia stands up and walks away, he fiercely punches the wall in front of him.


Angel: Oh. Hi. Sorry.
Connor: I'm used to it.
Angel: The front door is always open, Connor, you don't have to sneak in.
Connor: Cordy wanted some of her stuff.
Angel: How's she... doing, Cordy... Did anything come back to her?
Connor: Nothing about you.
Angel: Is she alone right now, because...
Connor: She's safe. I can take care of Cordelia. Can I go?
Angel: Sure. Sorry. Wait. You should take her fuzzy slippers. Her feet get cold.
Connor: I know. She's always stealing the covers.