Connor, Fred and Lorne are tending the wounded Cordelia down in the lobby, while Fred goes to bring a belt to stop the blood flow, Connor yanks the arrow out of Cordelia's thigh, taking her by surprise and thus causing her to scream in pain. Personally, I didn't expect anything more or anything less from Connor as far as handling something like this goes, he actually sort of reminded me of Buffy pulling the arrow from Angel's shoulder back in the third season. Under battle conditions, there seems to be only one way of thinking for him direct and fast (well, yeah, I guess pulling it out of the flesh by surprise is also the least painful one;)).

Later, they all assemble by Lilah's body, trying to decide what to do. Connor is standing with his back to them, looking out the window Angelus jumped through and disappeared earlier. As far as he's concerned here's our surprise for the day there's nothing they should be waiting for, they should go and get him right now. Again, he's impulsive, and at this point, I'm fed up and have to say rather stupid. I still hold onto that he is a worthy rival for Angelus, in some aspects if not other, but it doesn't mean he has to be the fool rushing in. I expect that sort of behavior from him at the beginning, but not now, that he's learning more and more what Angelus is capable of. I think he should give a bit more thought to his actions, obviously, he doesn't seem to share that observation.

Wesley says he'll be back, there is no need to go after him, he'll be back because he'll want to destroy the people closest to Angel first, them being Angel's only link to humanity. Connor suggests they dust him before he gets the chance and Wes' response (go Wes!:)) is that this kind of reckless thinking was what brought them to where they are now. You'd think, maybe he'd knock some sense into him, then you realize that it being Connor, probably not. But he soon amends for the 'reckless thinking', when he appears to be the only actual smart person of the entire group. "You people rely way too much on that junk," he points out in regard to magick, when Lorne suggests casting the sanctuary spell on the hotel. Connor observes magick never works the way it's supposed to, and *that* is what brought them to where they are now, that is what got Angelus loose in the first place. I actually liked that little speech of his and I do think they should have been a bit more attentive to him. I get the whole 'we use what we can' scenario, but still, sometimes what we can isn't what we should. And he is right in the sense they're relying too much on magic, especially seeing as they *really* don't know that much about it. Remember that it only takes Willow, a real and very powerful witch to finally restore Angel's soul to where it belongs, *they* however, could help with absolutely nothing. I think Connor is right about that they really should stick to their league.

As they all go on and argue about whose fault it is that Angelus is on the loose, Connor again, shines through with what they all seem to have left lost someplace behind logic. He suggests that Lilah's body could have been turned. It really does begin to seem Connor is the only one with the actual brains there, even after his couple of not highly intelligent slips from before. Or maybe it's what I said before he's just thinking straight. His state of mind in battle is clear and focused *on the right things*. While Wesley and the others are clouded by emotions, confusion, fear, you name it, he is not. Angelus doesn't seem to have that effect on him, and it's good, that's why his judgment remains clear. So maybe he really is the strongest of them all in that point.

Lorne is calling up the Furies and Cordelia, Gunn and Fred wait together with him until they hear back from Wesley and know what to do. Connor is restlessly pacing in front of the door, not too happy about where they stand or what they do about it. His opinion about magick obviously hasn't change, nor is going to and as far as he's concerned, they should just hurry up and get it over with, so they could all go and kill Angelus. Fred points out Wesley says they should stay put and not go out after Angelus, Connor's expected reply is that he doesn't care what Wesley says, he's not his boss. Thinking back to Connor's choice of seat back in "Soulless", aka Angel's chair, he probably thinks *he* should be the boss now that his father is gone, or if not the boss of them, at least not under their authority.

Another one of Connor's very sensitive slips is, by the way, "How long does it take to chop off Lilah's head?" when he decides Wesley has been gone for too long. I can hardly say I expected anything else, but still, remembering his reaction of the dead family, I tend to think he's not *lacking* emotions, but more likely somehow shutting them down. What I don't understand is why. It's expected of him to view any emotion as weakness if he's going fight-boy al the way, but I somehow never saw Connor like that. My only idea is that maybe he's shutting the only for *this* particular case, at least it's more likely. It also brings us forward to his next line, "I know what we have to do. Angel told me, if something goes wrong, I kill him." As Lorne cleverly observes, *now* he's listening to his father? Because that's a great drive for battle, really. Yeah, Connor is right in some sense Angelus tasted blood, there was no way back from that, but he was also proven wrong because there *is* a way back, it all happened once before, didn't it? Connor should stop and think rationally, just for a moment, never mind that somewhere he is right. "He needs to be destroyed and I'm the Destroyer," isn't enough right now, when like Fred said, Angel's soul can still be restored. For some reason, I can't help but doubt his smirk as he said that wasn't even a little fake. So again rises the question why does he shut down his emotions? I just can't believe he doesn't have any. Gunn's observation is correct, they will not e able to restrain him or stop him now that Angel's gone, the first chance Connor gets, he's gonna kill Angel.

However it turns out Gunn is wrong after all, because when Faith arrives, *everything* changes. Faith brings in the missing link that holds their group together she is the leader that is missing now that Angel is missing, the leader that they *need* in order to defeat Angelus. Connor isn't too happy about it, he is reluctant to work with her, he doesn't think she has the right to lead, seeing as she's not a part of that, or maybe he just doesn't want, again, to be under her authority. He understands he's *not* the strongest person around anymore now that there is a Slayer in the mix and refuses to accept that. Faith, however, is being Faith, and she puts his down hard and swift, she doesn't take any of his crap, she doesn't give a damn whether he agrees with her line of thinking or not, she lays the facts out before him, and dares he not to obey. Yeah they definitely needed someone to show him his place and it couldn't be done by anyone else any better:). I don't mean to disrespect Connor, but he hasn't proven himself as a leader so far, even when he is smart, he is still too reckless. It shouldn't be that way, the role of a leader should be in the hands of someone much more experienced and far more down to earth, in other words Faith.

There is something else though Connor is turned on by her, literally. Either he likes being dominates by women, or maybe he's just attracted to her because they share similar abilities, similar relation to the world of darkness, maybe he'd drawn to the danger radiating from her. Maybe, like Cordelia later points out he's his father's son, having a thing for Slayers. I don't know what that is, but fact remains, he'll do *anything* Faith tells him to because in the long run he *wants* to:).

As they go hunting for Angelus, he attempts to initiate a conversation with Faith (like the average teenager, also trying to 'impress' her with his abilities), but she keeps smoothly brushing him off. She's not of the best opinion of him and though he doesn't, we do know why. She's not in the least impressed with his intentions regarding dealing with Angelus and she wouldn't have him interrupting her bringing him in alive. When they are attacked by a vampire and Connor dusts it (in spite of the fact Faith specifically order to *not* strike until she allows), she's had enough and orders Gunn to get Connor home at once. Though Connor says he only reacted because the vampire attacked him first, Faith doesn't buy it for an instant and says he did it because he thought it was Angelus and was willing to kill his father regardless to what he was told. She makes it clear to him that when it comes down to choosing sides, she *will* choose Angel's because he (Connor) never gave her one reason to choose his. She *doesn't* want him around to be in her way and he can keep his issues to himself. They set off with a brief fight, during which Faith keeps getting the upper hand and eventually tells Connor flatly that unlike him, with all his super strength, she is also a killer. Apparently, that's enough to make him go with Gunn.

When Angelus defeats the Beast and the sun is back, Connor runs up to Cordelia's room to tell her everything, she sees how excited he is about everything that happened and especially about Faith and she knows that whatever he held for *her* is gone now. What was she expecting after she kept pushing him off, after all, he is eighteen and he does learn from his mistakes, no surprise there. Obviously, she decides it's time to bring plan B into action and reveals her swollen belly to him informing the shocked Connor he's about to become a father.


Connor: Just hurry up and do it. The sooner we quit playing with magick tricks, the sooner we finally kill Angelus.
Fred: Wesley says we shouldn't go after him.
Connor: I don't give a flying sluk what Wesley says. He's not my boss. Where the hell is he, anyway? How long does it take to chop off Lilah's head?
Gunn: Boss or no, he's right when he says we stay together until we know what we have to do.
Connor: I know what we have to do. Angel told me. If something goes wrong, I kill him.
Lorne: Ohhh! And now you listen to him.
Fred: Aren't we forgetting something? Angel's soul is still out there, somewhere, and I think there's still a chance we can bring him back.
Connor: How many people have to die before we give up on that plan?
Cordelia: I don't know, Connor. How many people have to die without Angel around to save them?
Connor: It's too late for that. I've seen his true face, and he's tasted blood. There's no going back now. He needs to be destroyed. And I'm the Destroyer.