Sacrifice Picking right from where we previously left off, Connor, completely unaffected by Cordelia’s blood, is calling out for Jasmine’s followers, revealing Angel and the gang’s presence in the hotel.

Angel attempts talking reason into him, but Connor is too distressed and upset to even listen, he shouts at Angel they are the "ones who lie, the ones who hate," he finally belonged somewhere and they destroyed it. Angel says he knows. This line makes much more sense coming next episode, but in a way, it makes sense now, too. As Connor begins to uncover, we are first introduced (hearing it from him, to those who still haven't figured that out) why he followed Jasmine to begin with, why he remained loyal to her in spite of the fact he knew what she was all along. Again, more explaining will come next episode, but this is a good start, as in something to think about.

You remember "Deep Down," and Angel's lying, "I've had enough lying from him to know the difference." Yes, Connor lied, he schemed, he deceived. But why he did that? To get back at Angel for everything that happened to him and everything his sadistic kidnapper-father taught him, yes, but above that, because this was *all* he knew. Because he *never* got a taste of anything else but lies, and by the time he did (his return to Angel), he didn't know how to deal with it, due to the amount of lies he's been fed with and he destroyed it, destroyed unintentionally the only good thing he had. By jasmine, he was trying to restore that good thing, to have the family that was never his, and as expected, he saw lying (in a form of accepting a lie) as the only way in which it could be done, because, again, it was all he knew.

Now let's talk about something else. Angel beating his son to a bloody pulp? Excuse me, but what's up with that? I'm sorry, I might be an idiot, but I don't know what that was necessary for, Angel, the Angel we know, would never do that to his son. It's just not in him. What, to distract Jasmine? I don't think so. Why did he beat him up like that? If you have any theories, please feel free to share, because it's a complete mystery to me. Yes, he felt guilty, and yes, by the look in his eyes, it killed him inside, tore him up as though he were pummeling himself, and the thing with him craving to wash Connor's blood off his hands, that's too. But none of it still does *not* explain why he did that. I'm sorry I just can't understand. And even more, he insisted so much on bringing Connor back, he refused to leave without him, and now *after* beating him up, he sends him flying him from a God-knows-which floor and leaves him on the road to be a distraction or whatever as he rides off in his car? Again – very lost here.

In Jasmine's room, Connor is finally waking up, to the sight of her 'lunch' (yeah, he's not completely conscious yet, but his eyes seem fine to me). He sys she's "indescribable" and the guy's right, honestly, some things are better to remain that way, but I sort of wonder why *he* says that, using that term of all. She leans closer and heals his bruises, as he tells her the others tried to turn him against her, but he remained loyal (again, one of Connor's character blots, he keeps sticking to loyalty to the wrong people). I do understand where that's coming from though. With Holtz, it's because he trained him that way, he raised Connor like a good puppy. As for Jasmine… well we all know that his loyalty is not to her but to his dream, and she happens to be the only one with the power to give it to him. He stresses the fact he didn't turn against her as though to assure his support to her, but that is kinda ironic, given the fact he's the one who kills her eventually. Connor is clearly grasping at straws at this point and Jasmine can sense it, which's the reason why she again, uses the all-powerful words in relation to Angel and the gang, mainly Angel. these words, by the way, are along the lines of 'hate' and 'lies', the words she knows can affect Connor the most, she knows which buttons to press in him. But nevertheless, his loyalty is although still strong to the dream, is now wavering to the tool he uses to achieve said dream, which is why he's indirectly asking the forbidden questions about Cordelia's blood and why it has the power that it has.

Connor is in Cordelia's room, sitting on her bed and holding her hand when Jasmine walks in. he shows her the cut on Cordelia's wrist and asks if it were *them*. Jasmine observes there is no knowing anymore how far can their hatred and deceit (again, *the* words) take them. She says they cut her while she was sleeping, to steal and use her precious blood for their dark magics. Again, she knows what she's doing, she's seemingly going out of her way to describe their cruelty and make them look even worse in Connor's eyes. Also, note that Jasmine maintains a mask of surprise, she doesn't want Connor to know the blood that was smeared upon his chest was Cordelia's and that everything is connected. But we see Connor's face – he does not believe a word she's saying, he just stares blankly away from her, it's as if everything she says enters through one ear and leaves through the other.

Later, when he discovers Jasmine has 'moved' Cordelia's body, again, he doesn’t accept her lame explanation though he says nothing. It is interesting however, that she points out Cordelia is right where she wants her, and so is he. I think Connor did catch the full meaning of that. Nevertheless, he remained silent.

When later, Jasmine promises the world to him, again, she uses the words that influence him the most and trigger in him pretty much everything she wants to – "family", "loneliness", "horror". These are all things he can relate to and the one thing he wants most to have. She knows that if she promises him a release from his pain and gives him a family, the one thing he never had, it will bond him to her for as long as she needs him. But she apparently doesn't know him that well, it's actually funny to see the Big Bad being so naive. Connor has long stopped believing her by now, by now, she's nothing more than a lie to him. He says he's "sure" she'll give the people what she promises, and he's not lying. She will, but… that's just the people. Not him, he doesn't get that, he's not under a spell and apparently, is also too tired to keep pretending he is.

Jasmine says he's not happy because he has yet to completely surrender to her, if he wants to truly *belong* (again, *the* words) to something. He tried to, but he can't. And the part of him she says he's keeping away from her reach, his "pain", is actually the last bit of him that is still human, that is still uncorrupted by everything he's been done to and everything he's been through. In spite of everything, Connor is still fighting for this part, refusing to give it up, this is the part that *knows* that the things he wants are not to be obtained through a lie. Jasmine says she wants it, and she tries to get it by force, and we see Connor is scared she might succeed. He doesn't want to give it up, he can't. And she thought she got it, she thought it worked. But as we learn later, she doesn't. it just makes him pretend harder… so hard it leads him to the very breaking point that kills her.


Connor: I'm finally part of something! I belong! I won't let anyone ruin that!
Angel: I know, son.