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A "Heavenly Creature" review by Sky from Apocalypse Monthly.

Name of Site: Heavenly Creature
URL (Address):

Notes: A Connor site, doesn't appear to be a member of anything huge (meaning group or clique). We are provided with linkage to her personal page, but that's not the site I'm reviewing; though it does have a yummy layout! Oh yeah, she makes all her own graphics too.
Why this site: While I was perusing for decent Connor sites to link to for the huge group one that is currently underway, I found myself at this addy. I've been here a hundred times before, and I love this site. Plus, Connor is amazing in many ways, in my opinion.

What Struck Me About This Site?

It's beautiful. Let me be more specific, I should be, this is a review. The main image is of Angel holding baby Connor looking up and they're surrounded by light. It implies that Connor came from above, he's a gift from heaven; hence the light, hence the awe on Angel's face, hence the site name. Also baby Connor's arms are reaching out for Angel, how sweet, he wants his Dad, this man on earth who shouldn't have a child. Indeed a picture says a thousand words so now I must shut-up before I write the entire review on the picture. It's all very soft and sweet, easy on the eyes. Wonderful graphology, beautiful well sculpted typography. Really, a breath of fresh air.

What Did I Expect?

Honestly? A lot, I've been visiting this site for some time now and I've adored it. I expected growth, new pictures and more episode reviews, which I like very much.

What Did I Get?

Exactly what I expected. Though I must deduct points because that 'Home' review made me cry! I kid, it is a very intelligently written site with wonderful reviews and yes, ever so slightly biased to Connor, but not so much as you would expect. All reviewers are biased (a lot of them against Connor but we won't talk about them and their Satanic ways) but this is not in a bad way and she does point out his downfalls. I really do enjoy those reviews and even used to get upset when they were late. Yes, we were all newbies quietly relying on sites at some point... okay I wasn't a newbie and I wasn't quiet but at the time all the other review sites I knew were awful. This isn't even a review site, and we can't get bogged down in detail. New pictures indeed, backstage and promo, some that even I had never seen. Not too much fic (mental note offer her my fic). Very nice fanarts and wallpapers, I must credit the following artists: vigile, seersha, Mariah, Claudia, Amanda . And of course Jaina... honey can I keep your wallpapers in my closet, VK has escaped and I have no replacement! We could use a bit more of a bio but I trust in time we shall get more. Patience is a virtue, doncha know? Well, that's what they say.

Odds and Ends

Okay graphic gal, how do you do it? The pics go all hazy until you hold the cursor over them then they become clear. Oh that's purely showing off! I had to lengthen the box after clicking 'enter' couldn't see it all, okay not much of a big deal but I didn't used to have to do that, I wonder if maybe it's because of the change of domain. The ep trailers wouldn't work for me, kinda upsetting 'cause I got all excited when I saw them all, but they are old eps. Lovely correctly dated bios of Angel and Darla titled 'Mommy' and 'Daddy', though I'm positive there used to be a 'Holtz' bio.

The Best

The fiction and reviews, really the reviews, only start with Connor episodes (he is the basis of the site) but they are excellent and though there aren't many fics they are wonderful and one is long! The graphics are great, it's so pretty.

The Worst

Well that's probably wrongly titled because it really is a well made site. Though it does say it's still in its beginnings on the front page, wow! It's not new! Maybe it's a time thing, you know single hosts are like single parents they have a lot more work!


I'd recommend this site particularly to Connor fans and fans of the Connor/Angel relationship, and I don't mean the slash relationship - that's an entirely different topic altogether! But yes, visit and let the host make you laugh and cry during her reviews!

And I'm Gonna Quote Her Because... It's My Review So There!

Taken from the 'Spin The Bottle' Review:

"Connor and Angel (Liam) fighting each other, it's the same as watching two Connor's fight each other. Both of them were in their teens, nevermind the fact that one of them actually was a teen while the other was boarding on 250, the spell that Lorne has performed caused them both to be... the same." That's one of my favourite comments, why? Okay ya got me I love the father son dynamic the Connor/Angel interaction is amazing!