Cordelia and Connor are lying on her bed, talking. She asks how Faith is, and Connor informs her she'll be okay, after all, she's a Slayer and they're strong. Cordelia is clearly not as happy about it as he is. She points out that maybe it was a smart move after all, to bring Angelus into the game, seeing as he did kill the Beast eventually. Connor sits up, mockingly saying Angelus is a real hero. He clearly doesn't agree with Cordelia's point of view and isn't going to pretend otherwise. There could be two reasons for that one is that he's simply a bit jealous *he* wasn't the 'hero' in the end, but Angelus, or maybe he just refuses to think it was smart to let him out, maybe he thinks the lives of the people Angelus killed while on the loose isn't necessarily a worthy price for bringing back the sun.

Cordelia reminds him Angelus made the world safer when he killed the Beast, for their family. Again, like she did before she slept with him, she brings in the fact Connor "never had that" before, and now he will. I think that somehow she's simply pushing the right buttons, the family-related once. She knows what to bring upon order to make him act upon her will. And just like she suspects he would, Connor says he'll never let anything harm either her or the baby. She's testing his devotion and he doesn't even notice.

She reminds Connor the baby is *theirs* and that no one needs to know about it, he asks if it's because she's ashamed of him. Apparently, his self-confidence isn't up to its highest rank just yet. His heritage clearly bothers him more than he's letting know and he thinks it's *expected* Cordelia would be ashamed of him, because of whom he is. Cordelia though, assures him otherwise, saying she's not ashamed of him, instead selling him a story about how everybody will want to kill the baby because it's unnatural just like they once wanted to kill him. He maybe doesn't notice it, but actually, she says the baby *is* like him, in whatever aspect, because she does make a comparison between the two. So he *is* a reason why she refuses to let everyone know. Only later, we learn the real reason is that she wants to make herself look good and be the first one to tell the others when the crisis is over. But for now, Connor buys that.

Connor complies with Cordelia's wishes and doesn't let anyone near her as much as it's up to him. But there is something new we learn from Lorne here and it strengthens my theory he observes, when Fred says he and Cordelia might be getting it on again, that he doesn't feel the warm fuzzy vibes coming from Connor anymore, that there is something else. And I think he is right, there is something else Connor maybe was raised by a vengeance-sick maniac, but he was raised properly, as far as human relations are concerned, the same way Angel would have raised him, had he had the chance. Connor wouldn't, under any circumstances, walk out on a woman he got pregnant. So right now, Cordelia trapped him, literally (by the way, I don't even believe it's his baby, but let's drop that for a moment). He's easy to influence as far as loyalty is concerned and like I sad earlier, the concept of family *is* very important to him. He's staying with Cordelia now, not because he wants to, or because he loves her, but because he *has* to, that's what Lorne isn't clear about.

The surprise of this episode hits when later, Connor attempts to fight off Angelus when he's going after Fred, but the sanctuary spell is working against him. It personally took me by surprise because I didn't expect that. It obviously reveals another aspect of Connor that (I hope) will be explored further. Exactly which aspect of him is so demonic that the spell kicked in because of it? It brings me back to his question to Cordelia, "Are you ashamed of me?" When he returns to her room, he doesn't tell her that the spell was activated by him, he doesn't do that because of the same reason he asked that question, only now he has another thing to feed his already troubled and doubtful mind. I really do feel sorry for him, I can't help it. I think that receiving an actual aspect of the demon might not have a positive psychological effect on him, seeing as it's probably his biggest fear. I don't know how he's going to handle it.

Later in the bathroom, Connor is making vampire faces in front of the mirror, checking his teeth and searching for demonic aspects. Cordelia walks in and while he's trying to make a lame excuse as to what he's doing, she tells him she knows what happened. Connor notes he's not a demon, even before she suggests he is, which points on that his emotions are not in a good state. Cordelia calmly point that she is a demon, and it's okay, so why wouldn't it be okay if he were one, too? He tries to explain her that being born a demon and becoming one by choice is two different things. He doesn't even know what he is, doesn't understand so many things, how is he supposed to take that all in now, that he's a *demon* atop everything else. She doesn't even let him get to the parts that really bother him, again, inserting the daddy-issue. He's a daddy. As in, nothing should worry him except for that. She tells him he has to face the fact they're special, only in the good way, and that's all that matters, that he's gonna be a father. In other words, she's clearly *not* interested in what's troubling *him*.


Cordelia: You know, most teenagers check for pimples.
Connor: I'm not - I wasn't -
Cordelia: You tried to take him out, didn't you? You attacked Angelus inside the hotel and got spanked by the anti-demon spel?
Connor: I'm not a demon.
Cordelia: I am. At least, partly. Kind of a prereq for the visions gig.
Connor: You chose that. It's not the same.
Cordelia: Why not?
Connor: Ah! I mean, why do - Why do I... Cordy, I don't even know what I am.