The Price

In the very final moment of the episode, the now-herself Fred, reminds Angel about the coming Destroyer, and mentions that said Destroyer is coming for him, and is coming *now*. Only seconds later, a portal is opens in the Hyperion lobby, out of which jumps a strange looking creature. Soon after appears another arriver, who instantly attacks the creature and skillfully, after a brief fight, finishes it off. Then he turns around, and locks eyes with the astonished LA crew, who have been watching the entire show, and especially, with Angel, who by the look on his face recognized him already.

He is a boy, roughly 16 years-old, a teenager, dressed in leather, animal skins and various body-trophies from animals or what ever he clearly killed himself at one point or another. He's well armed with weapons he clearly knows how to use, when he swiftly points a strange looking weapon right at Angel, and smirks smugly at the stunned vampire, as he greets him with 'hi, dad'.

Angel continues to stare.


Angel: Lorne, it's my mess. I'm cleaning it up. What more do you want?
Lorne: Hey, I warned you Angel-face, you mess with powers of darkness...
Angel: There's a price to pay. I know there's always a price. The question is, is it one worth paying.
Lorne: So, was this?
Angel: No. That spell I did was for nothing. I didn't find my son, so now he's gone forever. So, you ask me, was it worth it? Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, because he was my son.