Peace Out

Following the fight in the sewers, the entire gang is overpowered and is bound and on their knees in front of Connor. Connor gives them the typical winner's speech, as in 'I win, you're toasted', only that his speech holds within it a bit more meaning than that.

He points out *they* are the ones that don't belong anymore, as though to show his superiority over them in some sense because he *always* wanted to belong to them, to his father's family, and he never thought he did, he never did. No they are the ones who don't belong in his world. He also says they can't handle the fact the world is no longer in need of them saving it (later as he talks to Cordelia, he says they need the bad in the world only so that they can save the world from it later, otherwise they have no purpose). In other words, he says they don't belong in his world, again.

He uses terms like 'hate' and 'lies' and it seems like he really is speaking right out of the mouth of Jasmine. But we know he's not, he maybe wants them to think he is, or more believably, *her*, but in reality he only comes closer and closer to the breaking point.

Also it's interesting how Connor points out Jasmine is *his*. He never said that before aloud even though it has been obvious for quiet some time, she is his tool of getting what he wants. All along, Connor knew he ad the power to kill her, to kill that *tool*, but he still kept waiting, kept hoping… never made the final crucial move until said tool has proven itself to fail.

He starts asking questions again, he wants to know what Angel is looking for and why she is so anxious about him finding it. He realizes it's the weapon to destroy her, but she keeps avoiding the answer, saying whatever Angel is looking for, it's unattainable. She sends him off to guard the captives to avoid more questions, but she's obviously too dense to understand he doesn't really need her answers.

Down in the hotel's basement, Connor locks Wesley, Fred, Gunn and Lorne up in the cage built for Angelus and takes a seat opposite to it to watch them, with a sword ready in his hand. They begin to talk and Lorne is the first to observe that the reason Connor was never affected by Cordelia's blood was because he, unlike all others, has always seen her true face. Connor calmly confirms that, saying he was raised inn Quor-Toth, a place where he saw things they can't even conceive. Physical appearance is but details to him now, he doesn't care about that. Fred asks what he does care about and Gunn accusingly points out it's obviously neither them, nor his father. Connor remains silent.

Throughout the conversation, it's obvious Connor has done a complete 180. There is not a trace of anger or hatred on his face, there is nothing but pain and disillusionment, as realization drowns upon him as to what he must do, that now is finally time, he can't wit anymore, he's got not a single reason to. And that sensation only grows stronger as Fred mentions Cordelia. He doesn't even pretend to be their enemy anymore, or one of Jasmine's followers. It's unclear why he still keeps them locked up, since he's certainly far from being a part of her game anymore, maybe it's to confuse her into still having control over him, I don't know. But he looks utterly fed up with… trying, with pretending. He clearly lacks the mental strength to do that anymore. No surprise he drops his guard he couldn't care less about and decides to go out in search of Cordelia instead. However, when he asks Jasmine where Cordelia is, she refuses to give him a straight answer. If anything, she stresses the fact Cordelia is where she wants her and constantly heavily guarded (just a hint for the chance that he ever does try to find her). But after she spills that she asked a few of her followers to move her, Connor's had enough information.

In the meantime, Angel is in the other dimension, fighting the Keeper of the Name. The Guardian of the Word mentions he knows what Angel is really fighting for, that it's for the woman, only the woman he already lost. He says Angel is also fighting for the boy… and he's going to lose him, too.

Connor is in the Hyperion lobby, sniffling the air for Cordelia's scent – he's tracking her, he's trying to find those who helped to move her, according to Jasmine. His search leads him outside to the patio, where he finds two men talking. They are reluctant to spill the beans, so he chooses the fastest approach – beat it out of them. He succeeds, naturally.

The fight between Angel and the Keeper continues, as the priest continues to talk to Angel. He observes he's only trying to make this right for the boy, for Connor, but he never will, so why bother. Angel tells him it doesn't matter and that he obviously never had kids. The priest tells him Connor was only born to bring Jasmine into the world, and that he will never love him. Angel says people are born for all sorts of reasons and it doesn't matter to him if his son loves him or not. He's fighting for him regardless.

In the meantime, Connor finds Cordelia in a church. He walks in and quickly fights off the guards. He walks up to Cordelia and begins a monologue, since she's not in the state to talk, obviously. By the way, note that Cordelia is placed on an altar, which could mean two things. First, that she is the sacrifice to bring Jasmine into this world, or second, to symbolize her holiness in Connor's eyes, he sees her as something good and pure in spite of everything and still.

As he speaks to Cordelia, many things about Connor are revealed. I think it's safe to say this was the most soul-revealing and beautiful moment of him on the show ever since his talk to his late mother. It's interesting how they made him do the soul-revelation talk in the church, no less, and before what, as I pointed out before, what he views as pure and holy (much like we Christians sometimes do that before the image of virgin Mary). Mind that Connor was never introduced to religion properly (well I guess he did, by Holtz, but never to the concept to church or religious Icons), so he wouldn't see the resemblance I do at this scene.

In this speech, Connor basically confirms everything I've held in suspicion so far. First, he asks Cordelia if that's what she wanted (Jasmine, the New Beginning). That just plain and simple means he did it for her all along (as if we didn't get that when she made him kill an innocent girl…), also, he says this is the only reason she came to him in the first place. Apparently, he's been fully aware all along of she never loved him. So he may have loved her, but in his eyes, Cordelia was just another lie.

He uses his father's exact words while describing this world, the exact words from "Deep Down". He says Angel likes the world that way because it gives him and the others a reason to fight. He shouts that this is the only darn thing that gives them a reason, he's angry at that fact. Without saying it, he tells her that *he* never a reason for his father to fight (funny that he says that after in the same episode, it was told that it's not true, that he *is* Angel's reason). Connor continues as he says he's not like that, he just wants to rest, he doesn't want to fight. He's tired of fighting, his *life*, although but 18 years, wore him off. But he can't, he can't stop, and he can't rest. He says he's tried to believe, that Jasmine is bringing peace to everyone, she *can* fix all the bad in the world. But she can't do that for him, it's not working on him and he can't keep pretending any longer. He knows Jasmine is nothing but a lie. He just thought this one was better than the others…

When Jasmine's truth is revealed out into the open, she and Angel wind up somewhere on the highway, fighting to the death (guess whose). She telepathically calls Connor through one of the cops he's knocked out in church, saying she needs his help, by the time he arrives, he catches Jasmine kissing his father. Angel is too beat up to say or do anything, in fact, he's barely standing, but not so Jasmine. She may not be in her strongest state, but she is relieved to see Connor. She hopefully wonders if he's coming to help her and finish Angel off. She reminds him it's *Angel* who ruined everything, but she also says he can't defeat both of them together. Too late. Even these lines aren't working on Connor anymore. She asks if she still has his support and he assures her she has… just before he punches her right through her skull. She drops to the ground, dead.

Angel just looks at him, he says it's okay, it's over now. He knows it's been hard on him, but he's just happy to have him. Connor stares at him blankly, emotionlessly, saying nothing. The pain all through his body begins to take its toll on Angel and he can barely move, speak or stand anymore, he just keeps repeating his son's name, while Connor runs off in the opposite direction. As we get a last shot at Angel, it brings us back to "Sleep Tight," a bloodied battle-wounded Angel, watching his son taken away from him, fire is burning in the background as he desperately calls Connor's name. It's almost the same… except this time, Connor leaves willingly.


Connor: It started Cordy... the new beginning. I just wish you'd wake up and see it. Just what you wanted, I mean... it is what you wanted, right? Why you came to me, you know what this was all about. Protecting our baby Jasmine. So she can be... and make this world the kind of place you wanted. And it is better. Not harsh, and cruel... the way Angel likes it, so that he has a reason to fight. Because you know that's what he's about. Him, and the others, finding reasons to fight. Like that gives their lives any meaning... the *only damn thing! I'm not like them. I just want to rest. God, I want to rest... but I can't. It's not working Cordy. I tried... I tried to believe..I wanted it. Went along with... the flow. Jasmine, she's... she's bringing peace to everyone. Purging them of their hate, their anger... but not me. Not me! I know she's a lie... Jasmine. My whole life's been built on them. I just guess I thought this one was better than the others.