Connor tells Cordelia that both Angelus and Faith are in the hotel, he's locked uptight in a cage and she's apparently in some kind of a coma. Cordelia bluntly doubts that, saying Faith pulled that one before already, but Connor assures her it's true. He also assures her Faith took a pretty good care of Angelus so he's out, too. Cordelia is pissed off by the way he's talking about Faith and she shoves him violently against the wall, yelling at him she sees the way he looks at Faith, how he's practically becoming her puppy. Connor denies all that and is far more interested in understanding how the hell could she slam him against the wall like that given the fact there's an anti-demon spell in the hotel and she's a part demon. Cordelia reminds him she already told him, she and her baby are different (silly me, I thought she was referring to her, the baby and Connor, guess he's not in that package anymore). Connor is confused, not sure what to make of it, especially when she throws at him he can't even be loyal to their bed, let alone their little family. He's not saying anything, not understanding what he's supposed to say in a case like this. It's obvious he doesn't want to be with Cordelia and he'd prefer to be free from this burden, he's not enjoying the fact she suddenly 'needs' him now that she's pregnant but was kicking him around before, why should he be? However, he does not deserve this, because he was as loyal as he possibly could be, and inside he knows it, that's why he doesn't think it's fair she throws it all out on him. However, he doesn't say anything, simply out of respect towards her. He does break his silence when she finally hits the sore spot – she thought he'd be a better father to their baby than Angel was to him. That gets him right away, he instantly promises her that he will be, that everything will be okay. Cordelia knows she played the right card and is satisfied with the results, she knows Connor's disappointment of Angel not being a good father (never mind Angel was robbed off that chance by Holtz) and of his parenting in general is the one thing that would cloud any crush for any woman and probably everything else, too. She knows if nothing works, this surely will. And it does. She plays with his emotions and doubts and turns them all around against him, which kinda reminds me of Angelus… only to Angelus Connor seemed to be mostly immune.

Connor leaves Cordelia and goes back to Faith's room, to see how she is. He is clearly concerned for her, in spite of everything he told Cordelia and everything Cordelia told him. There is obviously a crush, but I think there is more than that, too. He has developed a strong sense of respect and admiration towards Faith, as a woman and as a warrior, something Cordelia never did and never could evoke in him. Kinda reminds me of Buffy and Angel;). Lol, nah, not saying Connor and Faith can ever reach that level or have the potential to characterization-wise. Too different here. Though sure as hell beats the yuckiness of Cordelia…

Down in the lobby, Wes, Fred and Connor contemplate over what must be done next and Wesley suggests they finish what Faith started, which is, as Fred notes, re-ensouling Angel. Connor argues it can't be done, since they have no jar and no soul to use. He is clearly very upset by it all and his emotions are running high and it's obvious both Fred and Wes understand that. He says they want to think he's taking it personally only so that they wouldn't have to (by the way, he *is* taking it personally). He tries to explain to them Angelus is all that's left now, and that there is no chance to bring back Angel. And Angelus needs to be put down.

Willow disagrees, as she walks in to the hotel, turning everyone's immediate attention to her. Connor briefly scans her harmless and innocent appearance with his eyes and doubtfully asks if she's a witch. Willow observes he must be Angel's "handsome yet androgynous" son, but he cuts her off by giving her his name. She then point out the sneer is genetic.

Later in Faith's room, Connor watches her as she's slowly dying away, and Lorne notes she doesn't have that long left, but he can hold her hand if he wants to. Connor gets up from his chair and starts moving towards her bed, but stops when Wes walks in. they both ruefully look at Faith, and Connor comforts him, saying gently he did the right thing bringing her into this. She was brave and died in battle, and Connor thinks it's the most suitable death for her. He's obviously hurting about the outcome of things, even though he doesn't show it, or tries not to.

When Willow begins the spell and Cordelia's evil power is trying to resist it, Connor observes the presence of evil in the hotel, and in his voice it's audible just how much he dislikes magick and everything concerned. He even thinks it's Willow's fault (that's another card Cordelia is later playing against him). However, without even knowing it, he's the one to actually make the spell work when he budges into Cordelia's room (he's worried about her) and thus causing her to lose her concentration and allow Willow to smash the bottle and release Angel's soul.

Now that that happened, Cordelia realizes she's been pushed to the wall, and decides it's time to collect Connor's given promise – that he'd do anything for her and the baby. She asks him to kill Angelus. Now, mind how much she used to be against that before, but now she all but orders him to do so? If Connor only weren't so blind by the fact this is his wish exactly and all she's doing is giving him 'permission' to act upon his urges… But of course, he is. The problem is though, as small as this hesitation might be, now that he's given the official green light, Connor is not that eager to do the deed. Apparently, killing his father isn't as easy as he thought it'd be…

Suddenly it takes so much convincing from Cordelia's side, so many doubts from his to perform the exact same act he once was ready to without blinking an eye. He's *not* going out to kill Angelus wholeheartedly anymore. In fact, he probably wouldn't have done it at all, but Cordelia's grip is too tight on him by now, she uses the right words, pushes the right buttons, and she's got him right where she wants him.

When he's finally down in the basement, he quickly knocks Gunn out and proceeds inside Angelus' cell with a stake in hand. He perches over him and prepares to strike, but Faith (note here that Faith stops him from staking Angel in the exact same second Buffy stopped *her* four years ago:)) grabs his wrist and pules him back from his father. They punch each other out for a couple of minutes, until Angel wakes up and puts a sharp stop to it all, telling Connor that it's over, and that he's back.


Wesley: There is only one thing we can do for Faith now. Finish what she started.
Fred: You mean, re-ensoul Angel.
Connor: Impossible! We've been over this, no jar, no soul. No soul, no Angel.
Fred: It's not that simple, Connor, I-I've been doing some research-
Connor: It is simple! Angelus is all that's left, first he slaughtered Lilah, now he's killed Faith!
Wesley: Faith is not dead yet.
Connor: You're lying to yourselves. You all think that I'm taking this personally so that you don't have to! But inside, you know I'm right. We need to put Angelus down.
Wilow: I don't think so. I think you need a witch. I came in a bad time?
Wesley: Willow!
Connor: She's a witch?
Willow: Yes, hi. You must be Angel's... handsome yet androgynous son.
Connor: It's Connor.
Willow: And the sneer's genetic, who knew?