They know what they're talking about, saying one's past would come back to haunt him. It was too big a secret that Angel was trying to hide in the form of granting his son with an alternate peaceful life, so it was only a matter of time until it blew him in the face.

One day, a couple appears in Wolfram&Hart, claiming they have a case only Angel can help them with, having to do with their son. While Wes says they probably should turn elsewhere, they explain they're in the right place – their son is special. He can do thing… no other young man his age can. They bring him an example – a speeding van ran into their son and he survived, completely unharmed. Wes considers the case and thinks about consulting Angel, except then both Angel and the couple's son arrive at the same time… and it's Connor.

As Wes introduces the parents and their son to Angel, Angel is visibly hanging by a thread and probably is feeling claustrophobic in the least. The only thing that's going through his head at the moment is the exact thing he later tells Wes – they are not, under any circumstances – taking this case upon themselves. So no, nothing new there, Angel is panicking, and for a damn good reason as everything he's sacrificed so much to build is seemingly falling apart before his very eyes. But we do learn an interesting fact that should not be a surprise either – Connor's parents are Laurence and Colleen Reilly. He's been placed in an Irish family, not too far from home after all.

Back in the office, Wesley confronts Angel regarding the reason he refuses to take the case. Angel gets paranoid, atop everything else, and demands to know how they found them; he clearly wants to know who is behind this little uncalled for reunion of him and his son. Wesley regards they are good people with a real case, that's what they do, they help this kind of people. Angel comments he knows what this place does to good people, one more reason why they should be as far away from it as possible.

Wes it gone, it's Hamilton's turn to get his share. Angel confronts him as well, only this time, he demands answers. Hamilton lays it flat out he's not Eve, he would not be toyed with. The Senior Partners had no hand in bringing Connor back to Angel, they honor the deal Angel's made, that he joined Wolfram&Hart in exchange for Connor getting a normal life. However, just because it's not the Senior Partners, it doesn't mean someone else is not playing with Angel through Connor, and maybe Angel should look deeper into it.

As Connor and his parents reach their motel, they get attacked by demons, which get a taste of Connor's 'hidden' strength. As he still adjusts to the idea, Angel jumps into the fight and dispatches them within seconds. Confronting Connor directly for the first time, he says they have to get back to Wolfram&Hart as they have a lot to discuss. Connor says he kinda figured that.

In Wolfram&Hart, Angel explains, or tries to explain, Connor what's going on. Connor, taking it pretty well, describes his life as more or less a realistic comic book, at some point asking that seeing as Angel is a vampire and there are demons and doctors with claws, is everyone at Wolfram&Hart is a superhero. He adjusts pretty well, even though Angel has 'neglected' to tell him of his own true origin, which surprises Angel, but Connor's prime concern is how he's going to tell that to his parents.

When Connor meets Illyria, he fells for her immediately, a fact she very tactfully notes. He is slightly embarrassed, but without losing his cool, observes he's always had a thing for older women. An observation which snaps us back to Cordelia, at which Angel mutters to himself they were "supposed to fix that". Angel then learns Connor is in college and is very proud to hear his son got into Stanford.

Back in Angel's office, the gang learn the demon who is responsible for the attacks on Connor's family is someone called Cyvus Vail. The second Angel has the name, he heads out to find him and finish it all off, Wes suggests he should take some help, Connor says he should come to, Angel snaps, insisting he alone would take care of it and Connor should not leave Wolfram&Hart. Expectantly, Wes gets suspicious. Shortly after he finds out everything he needs to know about Vail, while Angel fills his blanks in the demon's lair – he is a demon that can shift memory, time and realities. And he had a deal with Wolfram&Hart, with Angel. What Wes does not know and Angel now finds out is that Vail is the demon that built Connor.

Back in Vail's lair, Angel continues to threaten the demon, not quite believing what he's saying. Vail brings up an example of Connor's past, when in the age of five he got lost in the department store and wondered around crying, looking for his parents. It brings us back to Connor once telling Angel what happened when he was five – Holtz would tie him up and run away, and Connor had to get free and find him, which could take days. Getting lost in a department store seems as nothing compared to that does it. Angel gave his son a better life after all, and this demon helped to create it – now he wants something in return. Vail tells Angel he wants Sajhan dead and Connor is the only one who can kill him. He notes Angel does not want him as an enemy as he's the one who built his son, a gift he can take away any second. He shows Angel a small glass cube with yellow mist inside, telling him these are Connor's and everyone's real memories. If it breaks next to Connor, he gets everything back. Now the question is whether Angel's willing to take that risk. Vail turned Connor into a healthy boy. Now he needs Angel to turn him back into a killer.

Back in Wolfram&Hart, Angel has explained Connor, without giving too much away, why he must kill Sajhan, and after a brief and not at all successful training session, takes him back to Vail's lair to finish the game. Vail assures Angel Connor will make him proud, he'll kill Sajhan in no time. Connor however, can barely hold a weapon right, he's not a fighter, he has no idea what's inside of him, much less how to put it into use in a fight. And yet he has no choice. As Connor steps into the room where Sajhan's urn is in, a wall that isn't quite a wall appears behind him so all he sees is a wall while Angel can see everything that's going on from the other side. Without much of a choice, Connor sets Sajhan free.

The fight on Connor's side is not going to well, in fact, in a couple more minutes, Connor would be history. But then on Angel's side, Wes arrives with Illyria and confronting Angel, in a moment of despair, breaks the cube holding Connor's memories. In that instant, Connor changes completely back into his old self – a powerful and confident warrior. His expression changes consequently into the one the old Connor used to have when he's only going for the kill. Needless to mention, within seconds, Sajhan is dust. As Connor walks back to Angel, Angel tries to talk to him, but no luck. Connor tries to successfully avoid the subject Angel wants to discuss, he only wants to get back to his parents, he says the whole fighting thing is not for him. From that, one understands Connor doesn't remember anything.

Back in Angel's office, Connor says he's had a talk to his parents, sold them a story they could believe. He told them they shouldn't worry as much. Angel notes they're good parents. He says he'll find Vile, too, he'll put an end to it all. Connor notes he's not concerned, there's nothing Vail can show him he hasn't already seen, understanding from that, Angel realizes he remembers everything now. Connor says he should go back to his life now, to his parents, he has to keep protecting them as it isn't their world, they don't feel safe here. He says to Angel that he has to do everything to protect his family; his father taught him that.


Angel: We still haven't found Vail, but we will.
Connor: I'm not too worried about him. Nothing he can show me I haven't already seen. Anyway... I just wanted to say goodbye. I gotta go back to my life now.
Angel: Oh... do you really have to leave? I mean, right now?
Connor: I kinda think I should. I need to take care of my parents. This isn't their world. They really don't feel safe here. You gotta do what you can to protect your family. I learned that from my father.