Wesley keeps struggling with nightmares and guilt about putting Connor at risk, but still says nothing to no one, doesn't share the revelation of the prophecy even with Angel. However he grows more and more suspicious of Angel and doesn't leave him alone with his son for one second if he can help it.

He joins Angel and Connor for a checkup in the hospital, where Angel shares parenthood tips with another mother, who calls him 'Mr. Dad'. Angel gets excited, that little moment clearly gives him satisfaction - he must be doing something right with Connor, it reinforces his self-appreciation as a father. That's an excitement Wesley doesn't remotely share.

In the doctor's office, Angel is very nervous, and even though the doctor attributes it to first-time parenthood, Angel is just a *little* more nervous than that. He even mistakes digestion for a heart problem. Connor is taken some blood for a routine examination and the doctor sends Angel home with him, having not completely succeeded in calming his nerves even after repeating several times his son is as healthy as a human baby can possibly be.

After Angel, Wesley and Connor leave the doctor's office, one of the mothers from the waiting room enters and switches Connor's blood with another completely identical tube.

Back in the Hyperion, Angel receives a package he apparently ordered earlier from the net. In it are two miniature hokey sticks, and a little puck. Also, there's a tiny baby-sized jersey, with the writing "Connor - 03" on the back. He and Gunn start talking about hokey and Angel says he picked that particular sport because it's being played indoors and at night. He acknowledges it's too early to be investing himself in such distant future, but still goes on and on about how he can't wait to see Connor grow up, lose his first tooth, learns how to ride a bike… Gunn watches him with a slight smile.

Later on in the Hyperion, Angel tries to talk to Wesley, tries to make him tell what's going on, what's been keeping him on the edge recently, but Wesley refuses to say anything, instead claims there's nothing wrong, nothing to be worried about. Angel is soon distracted from the conversation by the baby and Wesley says he has to go somewhere, that he won't be long. Angel, clearly more engrossed in Connor and playing with him than in what Wesley says, but before he leaves, Angel stops him, just to tell him he's a good friend.

The emphasis throughout the entire episode is on Angel's excessive blood drinking. He is seen to be drinking in practically every scene, and especially, in every scene with Connor. Nobody suspects why for the time being, not even Angel himself, but that act *is* being portrayed as an unusual behavior. Only later on we learn that following stealing Connor's blood from the hospital, Wolfram&Hart have been mixing a little of it at a time in angel's pigs' blood.

The final scene is between Wesley and Angel, right after Wesley returns from seeing Holtz. They sit in Angel's room, while he's busy folding Connor's laundry, and just talk. Angel says that he understands why Aubrey did what she did, that if he put himself in her place, he would do the same thing. He says he can't imagine anything happening to Connor, and if something happens to him, he doesn't know what he'll do with himself. He says he loves him, but at that, Wesley answers love can be a terrible thing. Angel disagrees. He says he used to think so too, but his love for Connor…is something beautiful.

While listening to Angel speak bout his feelings towards his son, Wesley softens up, allows himself to think rationally outside the fear, even seemingly neglects *every* fear he ever had the prophecy might come true, that the father would kill the son.

Suddenly, an earthquake strikes, the entire room starts collapsing, everything shatters into pieces and even fire ensues. Angel dashes for Connor's crib and grabs him, wrapping him in a blanket, cradling the baby to his chest, he tries to make his way out through the wrecked room, needing to get Wesley out too, who seems to be in shock from the earthquake and just keeps staring at angel.

When they all finally get out, Angel devotes his entire attention to Connor to check if he's okay, and starts calming him down, while Wesley just keeps staring at him, muttering the words 'earthquake, fire, blood', like it was mentioned in the prophecy. And his eyes focus on the thick trail of blood rushing from a deep gash in Angel's forehead and dripping down on Connor's fluffy blue blanket.


Angel: I figured it out. How I really knew about Aubrey. All that pain, that rage...the only way she could deal was to join Holtz, take her revenge. You know how I knew that?
Wesley: Because you would have done the same.
Angel: It scares me. You know? If anything like that ever happened to Connor, I don't know what I'd...I love my son.
Wesley: Love can be a terrible thing.
Angel: I used to think that. I thought love was...something that swallowed you whole, ripped you up inside, but, you know, what I feel for Connor, even that fear... Wes, it's...it's not terrible. It's beautiful.