Long Day's Journey

In the Hyperion, Angel has locked himself up in his room, isolating from the rest. When Lorne walks in with a drink to talk to him, he brushes him off, not too large on politeness. Lorne says he knows about Cordelia and Connor, that he’s picked up a vibe. He tells Angel Connor would always be his son, no matter what, and as far as Cordelia goes, there are other fish in the sea. Angel, on his side, is clearly letting the anger and feeling of betrayal by both Cordelia and Connor get to him, when he says that the Beast keeps showing up around Connor. Now, Lorne knows it’s jealousy speaking, we know it. But we also know a slip of that kind around Connor himself might just be what it takes to send the already confused kid on a downward spiral. Angel doesn’t really suspect his son, he wouldn’t, but he *is* angry, *and* he keeps it inside, refusing to talk even to Lorne. This is all but the perfect strategy. Makes you wonder for just how much longer is he gonna keep that away from Connor…

In the loft, Cordy wakes up, on the floor (later we learn it was Connor’s turn to have the bed, looks like they don’t share it anymore…) and finds Connor sitting on the windowsill, gazing outside. They discuss the latter occurrences and Connor’s supposed connection to the Beast, which’s existence Cordelia declines.

Connor says they should go to the hotel, talk to his dad. He refers to Angel as “dad” again, and it comes more natural than ever for him. I think it’s even about time to stop referring to it as an unusual phenomenon, lol. Looks like he’s really grown to acknowledge Angel as his father, to not feel shame for it, or anger or anything. It makes a large character-development step on his behalf in my eyes:). The only problem is… now that *he* is the one reaching out, daddy of all people is the one holding back…

Cordelia turns down the offer with a couple of very lame excuses, quickly changing the subject to her stiff back from sleeping on the floor all night, when she realizes Connor isn’t even close to buy that. Connor says though it’s his turn to have the bed, he doesn’t want to sleep there without her. She responds with an “oh, boy” and he points out he heard that, with his superhearing, hinting sarcastically where he got it from. That, with the later continuation of ‘superstrength’ and ‘superspeed’ is Connor’s attempt to bitingly point out that he is like Angel. 1) He acknowledges being so much like his father, admits *who* his father is, but 2) he does it merely to prove Cordelia he can basically offer her the same things that can Angel (he can’t, but let’s not bruise the boy;)). He is acting *not* overly mature, might I add, though I have to say sort of expected. I mean, heck, she treats him like a kid, he might as well behave like one (lol). But the point is, in his own way, Connor is still insisting on a relationship with Cordelia though she’s reluctant. He *understands*, now at least, he’s messing with his dad’s woman, but he wants her for himself, nevertheless. What that makes him, now that he’s pursuing this relationship consciously (or rather, as much as someone like him can come to an understanding of grown-up’s matters), I don’t really know. He’s taking a clear stand now, *not* willing to go out against his father, to destroy his relationship with him, that he in some sense hurt him already he does *not* understand yet.

He points out Cordelia wouldn’t let him go to the hotel because Angel doesn’t want him there, he stresses Angel’s name in particular – the fact *his father* doesn’t want him in his house bothers him, more than bothers him. The fact *his father* doesn’t want him in his house because he’s connected to the Beast hurts him even more, and though he’s kind of ‘trying’ to hide it, it’s pretty apparent. Cordelia assures him it’s not the case and finally gives in – telling him Angel knows about their sleeping together and is very upset, with them both. Connor doesn’t understand why. The thing is though, he does not understand why *not* because he couldn’t give a damn about Angel’s feelings but because he really truly doesn’t. He doesn’t get it why Angel would be upset, that shows, again, his innocent and naive side, he’s not yet fully accustomed with the laws of this world, the laws of this people. He says they did nothing wrong – like a child being accused of a mischief. He *still* doesn’t understand everything. Even what he does, as much as it hurts, he doesn’t do it intentionally to harm. Cordelia understood even back then it was wrong, *he* on the other hand, never did. Only after hearing from Cordelia his father knew about what he’s done, the understanding of it in some sense drowns upon him. The look in his eyes cannot be interpreted any other way and even though he says later they didn’t do anything wrong, he *is* sorry for hurting Angel. He’s *ashamed* of it. *That* character development leaves me, for one, very satisfied and contented of Connor:).

Their conversation is interrupted by Cordelia’s vision and she says she must go and see Angel at once. Connor is dissatisfied but says nothing except asking if she’s not afraid he’s gonna run off and join the demon while she’s away (a yet another lousy sarcasm to conceal his own fear). She simply says she trusts him and leaves. Connor smirks to himself, doesn’t look like he believes her that much anymore. Or perhaps he just doesn’t trust himself…

At the hotel, Gunn and Fred argue regarding Connor’s involvement with the Beast while Fred holds Connor’s defense. She says he hasn’t done anything bad and Gunn points out that lately, he hasn’t. He claims the girl meant him saying the answer was among them, that it’s suspicious enough the fact the Beast never purposely harmed Connor (my observation, too, it’s *not* after him), he also brings in Connor’s birth spot. Fred continues to disagree.

Up in Angel’s room, Cordelia walks in, insisting on talking to him even though he tells her off. She tells him Connor is afraid, that he thinks he’s connected to the Beast and Angel bitingly admits the two do seem to show up at the exact same time and place, it must be something. Again, the jealousy speaks, only that Cordelia sees right through it at what it really is. Viewing his own son as the enemy is not like Angel and they both know it, except that one of them is too eaten up with anger and jealousy at the moment to speak clearly. He would never think that about Connor, the only problem is that *not* he also sees him as not only his son, but the ‘other guy’ too.

Cordelia is annoyed by that statement and says they’re both ‘like father, like son’. Their argument grown into more aggressive, as Cordelia tells him bluntly to get over it since it’s not the time now to sink into selfish problems when the world is at stake, she says people need him, that *his son* needs him. Anger or no anger, she knows which buttons to press when needed. Angel looks at her for a moment and calms down, steering the subject back to business, he asks her quietly to tell him about her vision. She says she felt she was inside somebody, listening to the demon talk, Angel asks her who was inside her, quickly chuckling at the pun (Connor…) and corrects himself. They continue their talk and Angel acknowledges Cordy’s vision is not much to go on since she got practically nothing, but she insists it is something, since it proves the channels between them and the Powers are still open. She urges him to take his place as their leader and lead.

Later on in Gwen’s apartment, the conversation about the insider is once again resumed, during which Gunn persists it’s Connor. He says only he could slip into the place unnoticed that way. Cordelia says he didn’t even know where they were, but at that Gunn answers he can track anyone down everywhere. Angel says it’s not Connor, that he would smell him if it were. He still holds on to that his son’s innocent, in spite of the fact that some signs point the other way and some of Connor’s past deeds don’t really contribute the mix. Gunn is not convinced but isn’t pressing either. Later, Cordelia and Angel argue as she refuses to believe Connor is connected to the Beast, that she knows where these accusations come from, and Angel stubbornly insists to keep his name on the suspects’ list, he still doesn’t give in. Later after another vision attack, Cordelia notes that the person with the Beast is someone she knows and says it’s time to bring Connor in on what’s going on.

In Connor’s home, he’s alone, calmly lying on the bed, reading, when there’s a knock on the door. He opens it, revealing the Beast who only says ‘hello, Connor’. They boy is only startled for a moment, but rapidly collects himself and greets the demon with a round kick. The Beast is also confused, it is obviously *not* here to fight. However, lacking a choice, it plays along, battling off the repeatedly attacking Connor, eventually tossing Angel’s son right out the window and all the way to the street. As he hits the ground, Angel’s car but barely manages to not run him over at its arrival.

Everyone jump out of the car, Angel included, with Gunn’s help and a blanket’s. Rushing to Connor, Cordelia checks for wounds and it appears he’s beaten really bad (duh, after the Beast *and* that fall???). At least it’s obvious to everyone now that Connor is in no way a suspect. Even Angel, seeing his son’s life is in danger, throws all the immature crap away and reveals again the *father* he is. Unable to get near his son himself, Angel is stuck in the shade since it’s still broad daylight, but from that safety spot he asks Connor what happened and understands the Beast is still up in his son’s apartment. The gang figures out it needs the place where Connor lives to perform its ritual. Angel quickly gathers everyone and with a few short commands, prepares to get inside when Connor groans out “dad” after him. Angel looks at him for a moment, and it’s obvious he struggles between the sun and the fact he wants to be near him and comfort him as a father should at a time like this. All he can do is promise him it’s all right, that he’s here now. Saying that, he looks at his son for another long minute, again, wanting to go to him but knowing he can’t, not while there is the sun *and* the Beast preventing him from doing that simple gesture. Finally, Angel rushes inside after the others, leaving the beaten Connor to stare after him.

Outside, while the others confront the Beast, Cordelia is still with Connor, who by now managed to pull himself back to his feet and gather some of his strength. Though he’s barely standing, he insists he should be inside. Still, he’s not making a move to go with the words, obviously recognizing he’s not quite capable just yet. He points out soon he must be passing out because everything gets dimmer. They both soon realize the actual reason for ‘things getting dimmer’ is that the sun slowly disappears, the Beast’s incantation has obviously worked. In the meantime Cordelia also gets another vision, a more expended version of the one before – the other person in it is finally being revealed – it’s Angelus.


Connor: Dad...
Angel: It's okay, Connor. I'm here now.