The House Always Wins

The episode opens in a dark alley, we see a man running through it, running from something, we see he's wounded as he's holding on to his hand where blood is leaking from a deep gash. Abruptly, his path is cut - surprisingly, by Connor. He appears in front of him out of nowhere, grinning triumphantly. The man seems frightened - no human can move that fast, he asks Connor what he is and, never losing the grin, he says he doesn't know yet. That is a side implication on that he really doesn't. Down to the core, *that* was the reason Angel threw him out in the first place - to find out. Does he belong to the good guys or the bad guys, demons or humans. Also to acknowledge the fact there is a demonic side in him, from his parents, from his *father* and as much as he hates it, it's there, and always will be. His father wasn't evil, what he gave him wasn't evil, what he gave him was power strictly that. Power can be consuming, it can sway a righteous person to the wrong, we've seen that happen a few times on both "Angel: the Series" and "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer". Question becomes, how will *he* grow to see that side, that power? Good or bad? Will he use it to harm or to help? We already know he's capable of both, so which one will it be? He doesn't know yet.

Without giving it a second thought, Connor informs him he knows what *he* is, and as he punches him, the man morphs into a vampire. A fight sets of as the two go at it, throwing blows at each other left and right. From the roof above, Angel watches.

He's clearly proud of Connor though being the father that he is, he still inserts various comments and instructions (that are being said more to himself than to his son, since Connor can't hear them anyway and Angel doesn't want him to, he's there to watch *not* to intervene).

The vampire seems stronger than it looks (what with being… *wounded* and all…) but Connor holds his own nevertheless. However, it's clear Connor has still a lot to learn and he also does his share of mistakes, such as leaving an opening (which Angel warns him from just a few moments before, already predicting his son's moves and mistakes as one) and allowing the vampire to escape. Unfortunately for the vampire though, daddy's there for the rescue as he throws a flowerpot (or I think that's what it was) on his head (very creative, Angel…), by that taking his attention of the running and making him look up for only a split second, which is more than enough for Connor to drive a stake through his heart. When Connor looks up at where his father was just a moment ago… there's nothing there.


Vampire: Nothing human can move that fast. What are you?
Connor: Don't know yet. But I know what you are. And what to do with you.
Angel: You're talking too much. It isn't time to. Watch it. Don't let him box you in, that's it, Connor. No, don't go toe-to-toe, he's too big, faster than he looks. Wait for an opening, stay sharp. You can do it.
Cordelia: Of course, he can do it...
Angel: That's it...
Cordelia: He's his father's son. Same dark good looks, same lost-boy sweetness, and the broodingness, boy he's got that down stone-cold. You really don't have to worry about him, Angel.