Habeas Corpses

While everybody in the hotel are worried about the well being of Cordelia and Connor (Angel being the only one who is remote and keeps to himself for reasons nobody knows or understands…), the two wake up in Connor’s bed, thus setting off ‘the morning after’. Cordelia wakes up first and sees Connor, she’s revolving on her other side, struck with the obvious realization of ‘o my God, what have I done’ (well, she better maybe there’s something… normal and reasonable still potentially left in her after all… then again, nah).

After a couple of moments, Connor wakes up, too and drawing closer, looks at her over her shoulder, randomly kissing her back (I have to insert this one – yuck). He asks her if the world ended and she says not exactly. While he appears to be content and happy with the situation, Cordelia seems stiff and concerned, but he doesn’t appear to get that vibe from her. His innocence in things even as obvious as this and in everything (my guess would be) in relation to sex shows in the fact he doesn’t notice the change in her, not her body language, he thinks they would resume everything from where they left off the other night, that nothing has changed. Cordelia decided not to mislead him more than she already has and prepares herself to ‘tell him’. She asks him not to give her the ‘happy puppy look’ not to make it harder, he has no idea what she’s talking about, of course. He doesn’t even begin to conceive their sleeping together could possibly mean to her less than in did to him or that she’s viewing it as a mistake of some sort that should have never transpired. She tells him he’s very special, that last night will always be special, bla bla bla. In other words, she disses him. Point is that as far as Connor-related analyses go in that scene (which these little ep-to-ep summaries are all about in this site, by the way), she treats him like a child. Point taken – last night, he was mature enough to supply her with orgasms but this morning in compared to her, he’s a kid again. Okay so I might have been a bit too blunt, but this *is* the way I see it. I’m talking as a woman now - you don’t tell a man (or should I say, someone you view as a man enough to go to bed with) that he’s special. Because this is just…well, the lamest thing a guy can get from a girl he’s just had sex with as a break-up line. I’m sorry, but that is. It shows, in my opinion, she feels superiority over him in a certain manner, she does not view him as an equal, you name it. Whatever it is though, she basically bursts Connor’s bubble because he *is* innocent, and yes, he *does* have less experience in relationships, in life, in whatever than she has, there *are* so many things he’s got yet to understand which she already knows. But he wasn’t prepared for that. In this case, Cordelia made an even worse mistake character-relations-wise than merely sleeping with Connor. She basically treated him – like a bitch. When she said last night he knew nothing real, never had anything real, she was right, regardless to circumstances. But her supposedly ‘giving him that something real’ hurt him in the outcome much more than never having it would. She practically stamped over his heart. I guess we found one more thing in common between father and son – women sure as hell are the only creatures that can penetrate through their impenetrable shell, and boy can they hurt.

Connor is confused at first, he doesn’t understand why she’s taking everything back, especially when one of her excuses being that he’s Angel’s son. That only indicates on the fact harming Angel through this was never one of Connor’s intentions, that he didn’t even understand how and why what he did was wrong in the father/son aspect, anyway. Cordelia however, should have been less naive. When Connor finally gets her message, he’s as expected, upset and hurt, but mostly just disillusioned by her words. He thinks that she doesn’t want him because of the Beast, that she believes in her heart he’s connected to it, and when Cordelia claims she told him last night she didn’t, he retorts by saying she said a lot of things last night, one of which was that *they* were real. I like that part, it shows he can hold his own even when it seems he can’t. Not willing to hear anymore and more self-tormented with his own guilt and the fact that the woman he wants doesn’t want him because of it, he gets dressed and gets out, leaving Cordelia alone in bed. Still, the problem is that this ‘break up’ talk opens up wounds, and it appears that in spite of everything, Connor is very concerned by his connection to the Beast, that everything that happens, all the death and destruction is his fault. It’s eating him up inside, like father, like son, apparently. Question that should be asked now is, how far is he gonna take this guilt-trip? And who’s gonna stop him if and when he’s gonna decide to do something stupid…er?;)

Later in the hotel, Cordelia meets up with Angel to talk about Connor. He says he already knows, but it turns out what she wants to talk about is the fact the Beast hatched from the exact spot where his son was born. That takes Angel by surprise, of course. They continue the conversation and Cordelia tells him Connor is guilt-ridden, thinking it’s all his fault, Angel accuses her saying she behaves as though she really believes it is (at a point her reply is ‘God, no, he’s a sweetie pie’. That ladies and gents is her way to describe a *man* she’s just had sex with, note that)). He, on the other hand, claims it to be a mere coincidence, stranger things happened, even after Cordelia pointedly reminds him that a vampire giving birth also ‘happened’. Angel asks why she’s telling him all this if she claims she doesn’t believe it herself, and Cordelia says because when his son stormed out that morning, *he* did believe it. It drawn Angel’s immediate attention.

In Wofram&Hart, Connor barges into Lilah’s office, informing her he has questions. Lilah is not too impressed but is surprised by is appearance and is not attempting to hide it. She points out he’s much like his father, sneaking into their building and taking them by surprise. Connor answers her it’s time to find out. The answers he came to get are regarding him – his existence. He wants to know why he’s here, what he is. Lilah is swamping him with bullshit he’s actually buying, about how much they’d love to study him and understand that in order to give him the answers he craves for, while in the meantime she’s pressing the alarm button on the side of her desk.

Apparently, he wasn’t nearly as stupid, because when the guards walk in behind him, he knocks them out flat with one swift motion of his hand and pines Lilah to the wall by the throat, saying he has a different idea. He knows he’s connected to the Beast – he wants to find out how. Lilah seems to agree to cooperate. However, we never know if she really meant it because that moment the lights in the building go off – Connor observes the Beast is here. Lilah doesn’t believe him and tries several forms of communication before sending Gavin to check on things. Connor, being the most practical and not willing to waste any further time, reaches for a weapon with obvious intentions to go after the Beast himself. Before slipping out of her office, he informs Lilah, at her question, that what the Beast wants is everybody dead. In that scene Connor does seem to be composed and calm, but it’s obvious one of his motives, if not the prime one is to get the Beast out of the way to *clean himself*, his own conscience. He is Angel’s son, and he is more than capable, but I wonder if he knows he’s walking into a death trap, to probably get himself killed. His father already knows the only solution for the Beast at the moment is run, Connor is still playing the hero though his intentions aren’t at all heroic, as I formerly said. Still, he *doesn’t* understand the danger of it, he doesn’t fully grasp it – yet. He’s helpless and feels left alone by those he cares for the most because they suspect him (note, that only months ago, he didn’t care when Angel threw him out, he didn’t want a connection, a family, I guess he’s grown since:)). But being as it is, he’s way more preoccupied with cleaning himself from guilt than keeping himself alive. *That* is his mistake.

He catches up with the Beast when he hears Lilah’s shooting and steps up for her defense. However, he turns out to be useless as he’s being quickly thrown against the wall and covered with wreckage. Before that though, something interesting happens, that surprises Connor and grants the Beast the upper hand at that time – it refers to him by his first name, Connor. Apparently, the Beast knows him. How, is unexplained, but it does. And what’s stranger – it doesn’t seem to want to harm *him*. Get him out of its way, yes, harm him in the process if necessary, but it is *not* coming after Connor. I’d like to see how that’s played out.

At the hotel, Wesley informs everybody that the Beast is inside Wolfram&Hart and so is Connor. Hearing that, Angel informs without delays they are going in after him. When Wesley says there is no way out, that the building is locked up, Angel curtly points out there is a way in. in other words, he makes it clear that a) *he* is going after Connor and expecting them to join in, b) *he* might not get out, but he intends to go *in* and get his son. And yes, Connor did just sleep with the woman Angel claims to love, but apparently it all diminishes in the face of the danger to his son’s life. He’s putting his emotions aside for this one, but it might not be for long. As far as Cordelia goes, he doesn’t seem to hold back too much. Connor is his son, his first priority regardless. But as far as she goes – she *is* the one to blame, not Connor. At least, in his eyes. He tells everyone that the difference between facing the Beast then and now is that now they’re going for Connor, he makes it clear he doesn’t care about the Beast advantages, he’s going in there to find his son. If they come across the Beast, they better run, that is the only way, he’s aware of the danger. Nevertheless, he’s going.

In Wolfram&Hart, Angel departs from the group and searches the building for Connor. He says he’s still alive, he knows it and he can smell him. In one of the halls, he’s being attacked by someone from behind and what Angel battles him off and pines him to the wall in front of him, he notices it’s Connor. Relieved, he crashes his son to him, for a moment just grateful he’s alive. Connor asks how he knew where to find him and saying it’s a long story, Angel says they have to get out. Connor demands he kills the Beast first because it’s all his fault. Angel strongly insists it’s not and they can’t kill it, they have to leave. Leaving plans are put off by a zombie attack, which Angel fights off. Connor asks what zombies are and Angel says they’re undead that crave human flesh. His son lightly points out that they must be like him, to which, Angel, always touchy when it comes to do with vampires’ miscomprehension, especially by his own son, insists they’re *different*. They walk off together. Angel is a bit aggressive towards Connor in this scenario, I guess the whole ‘he slept with his woman’ thing’s kinda getting to him. Still, he’s keeping his cool, putting his son above everything else.

Back at the Hyperion, Cordelia and Lorne greet them at their return, but at the sight of Cordelia, Angel’s anger surfaces and ignoring Connor, who started with “dad” to ask him something, he walks into his office. It should be noted Angel would *never* ignore his son referring to him as “dad” without meaning it to sound a 4-letters word. However, he just did. Clearly now that Connor is finally safe and sound he allows his true feelings to show through their hiding. And still, he does not direct it towards Connor.

When Cordelia enters his office minutes later to talk to him, he throws everything in her face once and for all, telling her to take her new boyfriend and get out. Cordelia aside, he basically kicks Connor out of his own house – again. Even after he did it the last time (which *was* justified), he never missed up an opportunity to tell his son how much he’s welcomed in, that he accepts him, loves him and wants him back. Now he kicks him out. I don’t see Angel in a positive light for this one, I really don’t. in fact, I’m not sure what to think of him, he’s sending his son out of his sight when Connor needs him the most and Angel *knows* how much he needs him. All this is going to explored later, I know, but personally – the way it’s being handled now – I *don’t* approve.


Angel: Connor! Jesus, thank God you're alive.
Connor: How did you know where to find me?
Angel: It's a long story, we gotta get you out of here first.
Connor: First I have to kill that thing, this is my fault!
Angel: We can't kill it and no, it's not. We're throwing everything we can at it, it's not enough. We need to go.
Angel: Gavin...
Connor: He looks dead.
Angel: He is dead, technically, undead. It's a zombie.
Connor: What's a zombie?
Angel: It's an undead thing.
Connor: Like you?
Angel: No! Zombies are slow-moving, dimwitted things that crave human flesh.
Connor: Like you.
Angel: No! It's different, trust me. Come on.
Connor: Why are they doing this? Why are they zombies?
Angel: I don't know.