Spin the Bottle

Connor is fighting 2 guys in a dark alley we soon learn are vampires, a blonde girl watches from near by, a girl, he's trying to save. He finishes the vampires off quite fast and very skillfully, which shouldn't be surprising at all, but it's still nice to watch, lol. I think it sort of comes to show off how his movements and fighting technique has improved recently because its obvious change (for the better only) is shown from episode to episode. As he's fighting them, he inserts a couple of supposed-to-be puns but (in my opinion;)) it's not really working and I think it's not meant to, which is why I like it. Like Angel (and just pointing out, unlike our favorite vampire Slayer;)), the boy's not that big on wisecracks. His movements during the battle, by the way, also remind of Angel in a sense, I dunno, it could be my mind playing with me but I really think there's something to it. What is *so* definitely Angel would be no other but the way he just dusted the vampires, cast one brood-loaded look at the gal, quietly let her know she's "safe now" and walked away into the night. Now, that was daddy:).

*But* this is Connor - when the girl calls him back to get a 'reward', he's all up and for it, like your average teenage kid. The wounded innocence in his eyes when she asks if he got 50$ was really well portrayed, I think it shows two very important things. 1) Connor is *still* new to this world. 2) Connor may be his dad's miniature, the son of two vampires, the Destroyer, but deep down, he's still just Connor, 18-years-old. It's interesting whether he was so let down by that he wound up not getting a *reward*, or because he was just brushed off, I sure'd like to know that.

Connor's next appearance is in the Hyperion hotel, he's dropping by in the perfect timing - when Cordelia is supposedly being attacked by a more confused than actually harmful 'Liam'. Nice to know he's still skulking around the hotel, as if that was a yet another surprise. Again, he saves the 'damsel in distress' from the mean vampire (lol just for the imagery) and again, she offers him a reward, and *again* like a good-ol' teen, he falls for it the second time. Between us, knowing Cordelia Chase as she was at 17, she wouldn't even look twice at a guy like Connor, even if he really did saved her from a vampire that was about to kill her. She wouldn't even stick around to find out the resolution of the fight, which, by the way - she didn't.

Connor and Angel (Liam) fighting each other, it's the same as watching two Connor's fight each other. Both of them were in their teens, nevermind the fact that one of them actually was a teen while the other was bordering on 250, the spell that Lorne has performed caused them both to be…the same. That was a very interesting scenario to put Connor and his father in, even if I thought of a way of resolution for the whole Connor/Angel mess, I don't think I could have come up with a better idea myself. The best port, in my opinion, was to have Connor see himself in his father. Liam has no clue he's actually fighting his own son, he has no idea who that kid is, while Connor knows everything. He doesn't understand what's wrong with his father, but he definitely didn't expect to see what he sees in the man that's wearing his father's face - himself. As it has no effect on Liam, it clearly throws Connor in a way he couldn't possibly expect.

It's true to say the best way to resolve pent up anger is to fight it off. Connor and Angel did. As they're so preoccupied in exchanging blows and effectively kicking each other's asses, they don't let the opportunity to insult their fathers go to waste. At least there's one thing they agree about, I bet that throws poor Connor even more than everything else does.

Regarding everything, this little fight-scene is the resolution I've been waiting for. Whatever's gonna follow… that's just add-ons, the 'after'. But the resolution itself - that's *it*. Also it sort of holds within it the answer to the greatest question of all (just kidding:)) - who would win? Well, obviously - Angel. But even though I sort of knew that outcome, it was worth it watching them go at it, as I said, for numerous reasons, I was looking forward to it. Besides, I know it's a long shot that Connor can overthrow his father, but I kinda feel that even though he manifests so much resolve to 'kill the vampire', his heart just…isn't in it. Well, it isn't, sorry to all who think otherwise. In the end, when Angel beats him up so that he can barely scratch himself off the floor, he just lays there, looks up at him and asks - "are you happy now?". Obviously, he was *expecting* to lose this battle to Angel. Again, his heart just wasn't completely in it, he didn't come there to kill his father, what proves it best is that first of all, he asks Cordelia *why* Angel attacked her. He doesn't just jump into battle anymore, if he's going to harm his father, he wants a *reason*. He had no intentions to do any harm whatsoever, he came there to be *closer* to his father (as sick is the thought, maybe because of Cordelia, too), but *not* to kill Angel. When Liam gives him his answer, the "I never asked to be born" speech, the way Connor looks at him was fascination to me, it really was:). By the time he calls for Angel to come back, I was smiling like a moron. What can I say except I got what I wanted and I got more than I wanted? *g*

He asks Angel to wait after the little speech he gives him because he finally really sees himself in his father, what his father said were *his* words, *his* thoughts. All the while, the truth was that only the audience saw the resemblance between the two, Connor was too busy burying it and denying it instead acknowledging it, but that speech cracked him. That was it:).


Angel: You're stronger than the rest. Are you not a vampire yourself then?
Connor: You don't remember?
Angel: I remember waking up here in this madhouse with that fine lot of hypocrites.
Connor: Hypocrites?
Angel: I'm supposed to be evil. But they attack me without cause. They gang up on me because I'm different. They're as bad as my father.
Connor: Fathers. Don't they suck?
Angel: Say one thing then... 'be good. Fear God. Do as you're told.' And all the while I know good and well he's had his share of sinning.
Connor: Sounds kind of like my father.
Angel: Is he a self-righteous bastard?
Connor: You'd be amazed. You're afraid to fight me?
Angel: Truth to tell, I'm not much for fighting. I'd rather be satisfying my sinful urges with the Chase girl.
Connor: You keep the hell away from her!
Angel: Oh! The girl is yours then?
Connor: That's right.
Angel: She never did mention you when we were alone together...
Connor: Are you happy now?
Angel: I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be attacked. I didn't ask to be a freak. Hell, I didn't even ask to be born.
Connor: Wait.
Angel: What do you want? Another beating?
Connor: Oh, I so almost had you.
Angel: Ha! Not in a dream!