Connor's Bio

(used with permission from Taarna)

Name:, Steven. No, wait, Connor

Nickname: "little sh--" (ask Lorne); Peter Pan ("Chamois man")

Age: "roughly 16"

Height: unknown

Weight: skinnier than Fred

Fave Food: oreos (center first), applesauce, ding-dongs

Hobbies: demon killing, animal skinning, power tools, collecting anatomical trophies

Parents: Darla and Angel; Holtz

Abilities: advanced hearing and smell, super strength, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

Relationship: single and looking (no "medicine" users please)

Enemies: skeebils, filthy demons, vampires

Extra: hates dad. No, not Holtz, the other one! Misses Sunny. Still confused about spoons.