Finally a little coming to terms with finding his true father, Connor is drown to him in a way he can't explain, in a way he can't resist, and a part of him doesn't even want to. He *wants* to be reunited with his father, but he doesn't admit it even to himself, and is held back by everything Holtz has told him and by his loyalty to him. He realizes he and his father are one - he now (reluctantly) starts seeing himself as no longer plain human, even remarks about him being a demon, since he's born from two vampires. Though he comments that during an argument, it perfectly reflects what's stirring inside of him, or starting to.

He shares a closure with Angel he never shared with Holtz and Holtz acknowledges it. He knows inside things are meant to be that way. Sure, he's going to frame Angel to make it as harder as possible, but it's because he sees the truth, *because* he's jealous of the fact Connor is closer to Angel after a day than he's to him after 16 years, he goes through so much trouble.

Driven by something stronger than he, Connor arrives in the Hyperion Hotel to see Angel, a brief meeting, which resolves in Angel having a case and…taking his son along with him. The perfect chemistry between father and son is shown beyond a shadow of a doubt in the fighting scene in the club, when they not only fight side by side, but Connor actually *mirrors* Angel's moved and *learns* from him. Even Wesley, who watches them from the second floor, realizes at once who Connor is, without having seen him before. After the fight in the club, Connor and Angel 'go at it' outside in the alley, when Angel challenges him to a game-fight and Connor accepts, with a smile.

Later on, when he returns home, Connor *lies* to Holtz about his true feelings. If learning from what we know about Connor so far, the boy has *never* lied to Holtz, not even in his dreams. Never.

When Connor returns to see Angel for the second time, he comes with only one intention - to put an end to everything. But again, he can't. We'll never know if the result would have been different, if he had gone all the way and killed Angel or whatever he wanted to do, had Cordelia not used her powers to 'clear Quor-Toth out of him'. But fact remains that things happen the way they happen and whatever Cordelia does to him, it cracks him. For the first time, he is the *child* that he is, even just for a short moment, following which he brings his guards back up…*almost* the way they were. But Angel doesn't have the luxury of being with his son through his first moment of weakness. He learns about Holtz's presence back on earth and has to go after him. He asks Fred and Gunn to keep Connor occupied while ho confronts his 'father'.

When he finds Holtz, Angel finds a wrinkly old man, not at all the strong character he remembered. But either the happiness of regaining his son, or the guilt for his past crimes is clouding his judgement, and he doesn't see that maybe Holtz has changed, from the outside, from the inside, he's still full with brutal vengeance. While appearing to have given up, Holtz gives Angel a letter to pass on to Connor, where he basically tells the boy to be with him, that he belongs with his true father, that this is his destiny, and Angel trusts him, and accepts the letter. Washed with relief that everything is finally over, he drives back to his son, hoping for a long-waited reunion, while Holtz forces Justine into puncturing his neck and killing him, so it would look like it was done by a vampire when Connor finds him. And Connor does find him. And he interprets everything the exact way Holtz wanted him to.


Angel: What if he doesn't come back? He feels further away from me now than when he was first taken. All that time, I don't think I ever really believed that I'd lost him. Not really. Then he showed up again...and I knew I had.
Cordelia: It's only temporary.
Angel: Yeah. Everything's temporary. I missed everything. His whole childhood. I can't get that back.
Cordelia: Neither can he.
Angel: There's so much I thought we'd be able to do together before he...
Cordelia: Grew up?
Angel: Hated me.