Actor: Glenn Quinn  Actor: Nicholas Brendon  Actress: Emma Caulfield  Actress: Julie Benz  Angel  Angel 01.01 City Of...  Angel 01.08 I Will Remember You  Angel 01.09 Hero  Angel 01.15 The Prodigal  Angel 02.07 Darla  Angel 02.11 Redefinition  Angel 03.09 Lullaby  Angel 04.05 Supersymmetry  Angel 04.15 Orpheus  Angel 05.18 Origin  Angel 05.20 The Girl in Question  Angel season 2  Angel season 3  Angel: Winifred Burkle  BtVS 01.07 Angel  BtVS 02.05 Reptile Boy  BtVS 02.12 Bad Eggs  BtVS 02.19 I Only Have Eyes For You  BtVS 03.01 Anne  BtVS 03.03 Faith Hope and Trick  BtVS 03.05 Homecoming  BtVS 03.10 Amends  BtVS 03.11 Gingerbread  BtVS 03.19 Choices  BtVS 04.20 The Yoko Factor  BtVS 05.17 Forever  BtVS 06.08 Tabula Rasa  BtVS 07.11 Showtime  BtVS 07.14 First Date  BtVS 07.21 End of Days  BtVS: Female Characters of  BtVS: Once More with Feeling - Standing  Character: Connor  Character: Gwen Raiden  Comic: Calvin and Hobbes  Comic: Fray  Item: Buffy's Claddagh Ring  Item: Buffy's Cross  Misc:Kisses of Buffy & Angel  Physical: Angel  Physical: Buffy Summers  Relationship: Angel & Connor  Relationship: Angel & Spike  Relationship: Buffy & Angel  Relationship: Buffy & Dawn Summers  Relationship: Buffy & Faith  Relationship: Darla & Drusilla  Relationship: David Boreanaz & Sarah Michelle Gellar  Relationship: Fred & Wesley  Song: Close Your Eyes  Song: Magic Snow Music 
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